Top 5 Small Businesses to start in Dubai


Good earning business opportunities for startups

Here is a lineup of the top 5 small to medium-size businesses that can provide good earning opportunities for start-ups in Dubai in the current economic climate. Please read the Top 5 businesses doomed to fail in Dubai article before taking a decision.


Education is a big business in UAE, because the larger portion of the expat population is young, or has young children. Therefore, posh schools that charge parents in many cases more than even established schools in UK while providing their children with mediocre education, in recent years are one of investors’ top choices. But the newly-build pricey and usually English curriculum schools often fail to provide pupils with internationally competitive academic foundation. More and more parents who originate from Europe, in particular, quickly recognize the academic weakness and actively seek private tutoring for their children in order to help them catch up to their peers abroad.  Therefore, reasonably priced, good quality training courses and after-school activities and learning classes for children of all ages, and even young adults, are in high demand. Dubai’s middle class is constantly growing and more families can afford to spend more for their children education.

When suggesting a start-up business in education, we are not talking about fancy private classes that investors in education offer nowadays, but about reasonably priced and accessible for many training courses and activity classes. Do not become one of the “educators” who sell an hour of English lesson for AED225 or AED300 ($80)!

Various group classes in support of the educational activities, priced at around 50Dirhams to 100 Dirhams per hour will work great. One may start a small business even by tutoring children from the neighborhood at home. Also, IT courses and classes are very successful and here is a great resource. The most important tools for success are passion for teaching and earned university degree.

Repair Services

Companies that provide repair services, ranging from the home-improvement sector to the auto industry, are in a high demand as more and more Dubai expats opt to fix their existing possessions, rather than to buy new. Shoe, clothes and handbags repair shops are still rare to find. The repair businesses is hospitable for start-up ventures, as services can be offered even from home or on the Internet, and depend on the founder’s know how and willingness to work. A hint about pricing: zipper repair in the Dubai Mall costs 80 dirhams ($22), but this is very expensive.

Home Health Care

The business sector likely to benefit most from the constant influx of expats to Dubai is the home health-care industry. An increasingly popular in the Western countries alternative to nursing homes (which are not plenty in Dubai either), home health-care services are expected to offer patients reasonable costs while providing them the dignity of being able to remain in their homes. Such services are almost not available in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates at large. The home care healthcare industry has also generated many promising niches, including service providers that specialize in cognitive-fitness computer programs, which help exercise the mind.

Temporary Employment Agencies

At a time when many companies are still reducing their staff, it might seem not appropriate to start a recruitment business. But recruitment agencies that specialize in filling part-time positions can actually do well. This sector within the employment services is not yet developed in Dubai, but it could generate many new jobs for housewives, students or professional experts. Part time recruitment agencies that position themselves to take advantage of changes in the employment scenario by specializing in locating jobs that offer flexible schedules are well-positioned to succeed.

Yoga Products and Services

Increasingly doctors and therapist recommend yoga as a healing therapy for a number of mental and physical conditions. Yoga now replaces the aerobics from the 80’s and the 90’s. There are not much yoga studious in Dubai yet, but demand is on the rise. For example, the number of participants and yoga classes offered by Emaar health clubs during the last year had tripled.

As the industry is very much likely to expand, there is ample room for new products and various types of yoga studios. One promising niche opportunity: yoga apparel for men.


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