Winning Industries in Dubai and UAE in 2015


In 2015, a number of industrial sectors will witness an impressive growth. They will be worth to place assets in and savvy entrepreneurs should definitely keep an eye on them. In 2015, new business opportunities will arise in this winning industries and affect recruitment trends as well. Here are the most promising industries in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for 2015.


Bloomingdale's DSCN1942A report by Dubai FDI, released earlier this year, predicted that the retail industry in the United Arab Emirates will register an impressive growth of 33% by 2015. This positive trend is likely to continue throughout the New Year as well. Dubai, in particular, will be one very attractive destination for international investors.  Abu Dhabi will be a popular spot for retail investments. Macy’s first store outside the U.S. is scheduled to open in just a few years in the emirate. Bloomingdale’s will, too, launch a new store in the UAE in the near future.

Real Estate

real estate brokerAlthough there are still many questions surrounding the future tendencies on Dubai’s real estate market, the sector is expected to gain another momentum in 2015. According to idustry experts, the most recent correction in property prices has bottomed out and more buyers are now looking to purchase properties. The 2008-2009 scenario is not expected to repeat itself, especially after the measures which the government took to prevent any possible downturn.

Green Energy and Renewables

This year, in May, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) outlined a number of business opportunities in Dubai and the UAE. According to DEWA, the large demand for energy and water in the country is making the green energy and renewables industry one of the most promising and profitable. That is not only due to the ever increasing demand, but also to the fact that this still continued to be a greatly untapped market in the region.


Although recruitment in UAE’s logistics sector witnessed a decline in October this year, the prognosis for 2015 are more than promising. According to global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, the logistics industry in the country will see a growth to $27 billion next year. One of the main reasons for that would be the rise in export and import trade volumes. Also, it is predicted that a rise in local manufacturing will further contribute to this trend.

All in all, 2015 promises to be a good year for non-oil industries in the United Arab Emirates.


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