One World in Global Village TV Show



Out of its keenness to communicate with visitors, Global Village, the largest outdoor family entertainment venue in the region and member of TECOM Investments, launched daily TV show titled “One World in Global Village” in collaboration with Sama Dubai Channel. The TV show includes questions to the audience giving them opportunity to win AED 8000.

For the second year respectively, the TV show comes with Global Village’s efforts to promote its status and give its visitors the best entertainment experience. Questions of TV show includes information about event, shows and pavilions running in Global Village as wells as the most important dates that contributed Global Village success through 16 years ago.

One World in Global Village TV show broadcasted on Sama Dubai Channel daily at 8:30pm, 2:00 am, 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. Since it’s launched on 20th January 2011, One World in Global Village show has attracted high turnout from Global Village visitors.

One World in Global Village TV show is giving the opportunity to Global Village visitors to get background about what happening in Global Village, by offering them important information for the facilities, product prices, entry tickets prices, wooden boats and other information that attract the attention of audience.

It’s worth mentioning, visitors can participate in the TV show by visiting Global Village. The TV show asks 8 questions daily with 8 valued prizes worth between AED 600 to AED 1000. TV show runs to the end of Global Village season.

For further information about shows and events about Global Village, kindly visit You can also watch all shows on Global Village channel on the internet 24/7 or call 043624114.

Since its inception in 1997, Global Village has become the key entertainment and shopping destination in the region. It includes rich diverse cultures and civilizations, and offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops from across the world. In fact, Global Village is the main entertainment, culture and family fun destination in the region.


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