Marc Jacobs’s inspiration fills Dubai Louis Vuitton stores


Marc Jacobs thought about “pale girls who don’t see the sun” when creating the latest Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 12 line. Does he mean the Dubai girls who prefer to stroll the shopping malls then the parks or the beach?

The creative director of the Louis Vuitton brand delighted fashion professionals by staging a catwalk show amid a giant carousel during Paris Fashion Week late last year. The clothes also dazzled, with the laser-cut motifs present in many of the pieces expected to be one of the key trends for the upcoming season.

Marc has discussed how he came up with the new Louis Vuitton look.

“We wanted to create a feeling and emotion, so Catherine Deneuve in La sirène du Mississipi, as well as Rosemary’s Baby and Mulholland Drive,” he explained.

“[It evokes] a poetic melancholy. Organzas that recall Death In Venice and pale girls who don’t see the sun!”

Marc wanted the collection to look ethereal and relaxed. Creating a feminine aesthetic was also vital to him, although he also wanted the Louis Vuitton models to look fierce.

“They have a cloud-like quality, almost dreamlike. The collection is fragile, but strong at the same time; it’s pretty and a little magical and removed,” he explained.

“We played with proportions, creating different volumes and shapes. Even when there is definition, there is nothing too strict – apart from the sterling silver tips on the shoes.”

The Dubai Mall branch of Louis Vuitton is jam-packed daily, with security guards supervising customers’ peaceful shopping experience. You actually have to wait in line to get in and spend few thousands.

Sales assistants are rumored to be paid about AED15,000 ($4,000) on a monthly basis, because they get stressed out by selling too many too expensive items.

Indeed, Marc Jacobs’s inspiration fills very successfully Dubai’s Louis Vuitton stores round the clock.


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