“Product of The Year” now in UAE


A prestigious consumer award with worldwide recognition has now just been brought to Dubai and  the UAE: meet Product of the Year, an independent award that recognizes excellence in quality and innovation in the fast moving consumer goods sector. The “Voted Product Of The Year” label is renowned worldwide as it helps local shoppers find the most innovative new products on-shelf.

After 25 years of worldwide activity, The United Arab Emirates will witness the first Product of the Year edition in 2012, the first in the GCC region and will be followed by many more in various countries within the Middle East and North Africa. It is the only FMCG product award voted for by consumers themselves through a national survey unlike other awards based on a panel of industry experts.

The Product of the Year concept started in Paris, France in 1987 and has since then expanded to more than 35 countries worldwide”, explains Mr. Christian LeBret, Founder and President of Product of the Year International.

This initiative has proven its efficiency as far as encouraging healthy competition, industrial excellence and economic growth in all the countries that have implemented it. “We instigate local producers to become more creative and to deliver more interesting and appealing products to the consumers, we also encourage agents and distributors to import the most innovative and competitive products available in the international marketplace. Furthermore, winners of previous editions in Europe and the USA have registered substantial sales increases proving that the Product of the Year label is recognized and trusted by consumers” , Mr. Dory
Kfoury , CEO of Product of the Year Middle East , has stated.


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