Jaguar Land Rover launches new mobile app


Alfardan Premier Motors Company, the exclusive importer of Land Rover and distributor of Jaguar in Qatar, announced that the premium and luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has once again proved it is ahead of the curve with the launch of a mobile app to complement its existing suite of social media sites, aimed at offering a level of interaction and information yet to be seen in the region by a car manufacturer. With an estimated 45% of internet users accessing the internet from their mobile phones, and 25 million Facebook users alone using mobiles, Jaguar Land Rover’s new mobile app will allow fans in  Dubai and the Middle East to access its suite of dedicated social media sites and blogs wherever they are from their mobile phones.

Jaguar Land Rover has already received an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of its dedicated social media suite earlier this year, due to its winning formula of content-rich blogs for each individual nameplate under the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. All sites feature informative and interactive content that provide customers, enthusiasts and analysts with in-depth knowledge relating to Jaguar Land Rover’s latest news, model updates, developments and marketing campaigns, as well as regional brand exclusives, behind the scenes footage/images and live streaming of video content from regional and global events.

One of the first exclusive stories revolved around the all-new Range Rover Evoque during its time in the Middle East region. published a behind-the-scenes look at the car in the Global Test Facilities & Planning centre at a top secret location in the UAE.

With the region now boasting over 40 million internet users* – 15 million of them using Facebook – in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain alone, Jaguar Land Rover MENAP Marketing Director, Hannah Naji, is confident that this is an important step forward for the brands, with a strong presence on critical social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr providing the burgeoning online community with a wealth of information and an opportunity to engage with the brand on a new level.

“Internet penetration in the GCC is estimated to be over a quarter of its population, which is higher than the global average by close to 3%, a clear indicator that automotive manufacturers need to take social media very seriously. With the launch of the groundbreaking Range Rover Evoque and indeed the evolution of all our nameplates and brands, it is important that we deliver our message and most importantly establish a two-way dialogue with an increasingly online-savvy audience, to continue to position Jaguar Land Rover as a pioneer in the automotive industry,” explains Naji.

Currently, content is delivered in English, however the manufacturer will look into extending this to Arabic and French if there is a strong demand from MENAP markets.


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