NATO takes over air operations in Libya


NATO took sole command of air operations in Libya on Thursday, according to the major news agencies.

Rebel forces, hampered by a lack of organization, training and military know-how when compared to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s troops, lately have been demanding an end to Gadhafi’s almost 42-year rule in Libya. They have been facing sustained attacks in and have called for the international community to supply them with better and more powerful equipment.

Recently, weather conditions prevented a NATO-led coalition from launching more airstrikes in an attempt to weaken Gadhafi’s ability to attack civilians.

As the battles in Libya continue unfolding, the end game and whether a negotiated exit for Gadhafi would be possible or desirable remains uncertain.

The International Criminal Court, at the request of the United Nations Security Council, is investigating alleged “crimes against humanity” by Gadhafi.


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