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In today’s 21st century, we can see that Women have managed to take up positions in every imaginable profession across the globe with good pay and significant influence. While there has been measurable progress in improving the lives of women and children, there still remains a critical goal unfilled, that needs greater attention and global action.

It is certain that every woman needs to develop a life goal and write a business plan for her life, so that she can control her own destiny, but how can this be achieved when half the human race is discriminated against?! The 14th Woibex Conference and the International Women’s Day centenary celebration, coming up on the 8th of March 2011 at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai will gather world leaders and women, from all spheres of life to share together and dialogue, on issues that further confirm that, “there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”

HauteLook.com - Members exclusive premium online sample saleWOFAN since 1993 has identified and worked with various women groups from rural communities in Nigeria and some African Countries, to empower, reignite, inspire, enhance and channel their entrepreneurship and leadership skills for the future. This explains the reason for the partnership between Datamatix and the Women Farmers Advancement Network-(WOFAN) in promoting and celebrating the 100th International women’ Day (IWD 2011). It is an honor therefore for WOFAN to join hands with Datamatix in its journey towards supporting the empowerment of women globally and in recognizing those who have impacted positively to the lives of Millions of women, girls and families around the world, by recognizing them for a GLOBAL AWARD, to mark the 100th International women’s Day celebration worldwide.

Ladies and Gentlemen, an investment in women and children is an investment in global security, and prosperity, as such award winners for 2011 (IWD), cut across those outstanding men and women leaders, who have sincerely shown commitment in promoting good governance, education, economic and political leadership of women by investing in the education of women and girls which is the right and smart thing to do.

While inviting and looking forward to welcoming you all to this great event, I leave you all with these questions:

1) who defines empowerment?
2) How do we know when women are empowered?
3) Who gets to decide when women are empowered?

Surely Women need Education and Opportunity to attain greater heights in all spheres of development and leadership positions.

For further information on the event, please contact: Datamatix Group, http://www.datamatixgroup.com


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