Dubai Culture unveils new identity and development plan for Dubai Public Library

  • Initiative to strengthen the role of libraries in enhancing literary scene and education
  • Eight public libraries in strategic community locations to promote intercultural dialogue
  • Easy guidance in finding books; online public access catalogues and Ebrary service for members

The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated authority for culture, heritage and the arts, has introduced a brand new identity and development plan for the Dubai Public Library, following the transfer of the eight Public Libraries in Dubai under its umbrella.

The new identity is the first step in Dubai Culture’s strategic plan to strengthen the role of the Dubai Public Libraries and reposition them as community-oriented centres that enhance public education and knowledge.

The Public Libraries are also envisaged to drive intercultural dialogue through an array of activities including story–telling sessions, author visits and book-signing events over the coming months.

Dubai Culture has currently launched and is showcasing the new identity of the Dubai Public Libraries at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and will also host visiting authors.

Saeed Al Nabouda, Chief Projects Officer, Dubai Culture, said that the new brand identity and development plan reflect the vision of the Authority to further enhance the role of the Dubai Public Library in fostering community building through knowledge pursuits.

“At a basic level, the initiatives are aimed at strengthening reading habits among the public and creating a culture of knowledge and learning. From a wider community perspective, the libraries are expected to enhance the literary scene of Dubai and provide people with opportunities for self-development. On its cultural context, the libraries will serve as a building platform for driving creativity, intercultural dialogue and strengthening the educational fabric of Dubai.”

The Dubai Public Library offers members a wealth of educational experiences including access to books in several languages from around the world, referral materials, audio-visual materials including films and CDs, and a vast pool of study and research databases.

In addition to accessing a public online catalogue, members can benefit from the Ebrary, an advanced library software of immense value to students and researchers that provides online access to over 52,000 books including reference materials – an effective link to keep up-to-date with the latest reading and learning material from across the world.

Another important tool that is of value to readers and researchers is the Oxford Islamic Studies Online, an authoritative resource that brings the best current scholarships for students, community groups, scholars and librarians to gain a better understanding of the Islamic world.

In addition to a rich collection of literary and on-line resources suited for children and students, the dedicated eight Children’s Libraries host a series of engaging activities including story telling sessions, cultural and educational film screenings, drawing competitions, exhibitions and training courses.

The Dubai Public Library, first established in 1963, has a rich history in shaping the city’s cultural fabric. Over the years, the libraries have served as a window to the literary heritage and collections of Dubai.

The Dubai Public Library is open from 8am to 9pm on all weekdays. Membership is open to all UAE and GCC nationals as well as UAE residents and UAE-registered organisations. The charges are AED75 as security deposit for children below 12 years; AED50 for five years and AED150 as security deposit for individuals; AED50 for five years and AED200 as security deposit for families and AED100 for five years and AED200 as security deposit for organisations.


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