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Timely launch for new Arabic business website

image001Dubai-based publisher Mediaquest Corp has launched, an Arabic language, business news portal that offers a different slant on the issues of the day. takes an unflinching look at the failures and successes of corporations, governments and national economies. As it reports the key developments and decisions, it assesses not just the financial implications, but the social ones too.

“Thanks to recent economic events, we understand better than ever before that business is not just red and green numbers listed on screens in the stock exchange,” says Julien Hawary, Co-CEO of Mediaquest Corp.“Nor is it a matter that only concerns big companies, businessmen, and governments. Business influences all aspects of our daily life. We created because people in the region want to know more about business, about how it is affecting their daily lives, and about those people that are shaping the economy.”

As well as providing the latest news from the economic and business spheres, provides a Web 2.0 interface, allowing readers to interact with the site and each other. They can suggest new topics and upload content, including their own profiles, which will open a window for them to network with other readers.

“ is for Arabs who want to know the real ‘Who, What, When, Where and Why’ behind the business stories influencing their world,” says Yazan Neme, managing editor. “We have created a platform that is user-friendly, with direct, accessible and entertaining editorial content. And through our honest and independent reporting we offer a fresh and unique perspective to our readers.” aims to be to the point, eschewing the complicated jargon so typical of business reporting, while maintaining the highest journalistic standards.

As well as business and social issues, readers can also use to keep up to date on the latest celebrity news from the region, and the rest of the world. content
Features analyses the socio-economic news of the day, from a fresh angle.
An update for readers on the headlines making waves across the region.
Six Degrees of Separation
Conclusive proof of the “small world theory,” featuring the disparate links that connect celebrities.
Who’s who?
Who are the news-making business leaders, and who are the people that have influenced their success?
Dollars & Sense
The rationale behind the big numbers in the news.
Top 10
The best, the worst, the most expensive… the top 10s of the business world.
Images showcasing quirky moments, stories and events.
Shop Talk
New product reviews by us, and the readers.

For further information please contact:
Amanda Bloud
Senior Marketing Executive
Tel +971 4 391 07 60 Fax +971 4 390 87 37


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