McDonald’s Removes Burgers during Ramadan for Road Safety


Forget about Whoppers and Happy Meals! Fries and pies are somewhat not an interesting topic during this time of the year.

This Ramadan McDonald’s Arabia wants you to focus on your road safety. Such an inspiring for other brands approach towards marking the Holy Month of Giving makes a lot of sense in the context of the ever increasing number of fatal road accidents in Dubai.

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Traditionally, negligent driving is one of the negative consequence of the lifestyle changes for Muslims across the world during this time of the year. Accustoming to different working and sleeping hours, and eating habits is not easy for many people. It takes toll on their ability to concentrate and on their attention to detail, their patience.

Therefore, McDonald’s large alarming red billboards have been designed with the aim to sharpen drivers’ attention. Moreover, the advertising campaign’s shade of red color is not the cheerful bright red usually used for promoting mega sales. The chosen color resembles the color of blood and it sends shivering associations to your mind.

Although McDonald’s promotional strategy is very different than anything you usually expect from fast food brands and someone may also describe it as not very happy, it is without a doubt memorable and refreshing.

The world’s largest fast food chain doesn’t want just to make billions of dollars in sales, but actually tries to touch base with every single driver behind the wheel. And it has chosen to do that by inspiring your self selfpreserving senses and feelings, but not by offering just another product.

Did you see the alarming red billboards of McDonald’s on the way back home? Their goal is to make you remember that before all you must reach home in one place!

In case you haven’t seen McDonald’s Ramadan billboards, here are some images we received from our regular readers. We hope you will share yours!

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