Dubai Summer Bucket List


Summer in Dubai is often seen as low season for tourism and business due to the high temperatures. However, what many travelers do not suspect is that this city never sleeps and it is always ready to offer visitors and residents a lot of fun, events and amazing experiences. Here is a quick bucket list which every tourist (and resident) in Dubai should follow this summer.

Ski DubaiSkiing and ice skating – There are many ways to escape the summer that do not involve a hotel room and an air-conditioning. Did you know that Dubai has its own indoor skiing facility with snow and really cool temperatures? You can even go ice skating in the city. Moreover, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, these facilities tend to cut down the prices and you can ski your day away without breaking your budget.

Go to a water park – Another great way to hide from the heat is by visiting one of the water parks in Dubai. No matter whether you are going with your kids or by yourself, a memorable water experience is easy to find. Forget about swimming pools and take things to the next level at one of the city’s water parks.

Iftar – The Holy Month of Ramadan falls in the summer in 2014. One of the traditions related to the holiday are the Iftars. This is the evening meal with which Muslim break their fast. Usually, people gather and break their fast together. Even if you do not mark Ramadan yourself, you may too join the celebrations and organize or go to an Iftar party. This is a great way to meet locals, as well to taste some of the traditional Arab cuisine.

al-badia-golf-club-intercontinental-dubai-festival-cityPlay golf – The best and quickest way to escape from Dubai’s urban jungle and change the scenery is to go golfing. Most of the golf clubs in the city offer amazing discounts during the summer. Plus, many of them are equipped with great extras like swimming pools and fitness centers. If, however, you have little or no golf skills and knowledge, you can always take a quick lesson from a pro.

Shop till you drop – Dubai’s shopping malls are top spots for people who want to hide from the heat. In addition, they offer as much diversity as some of the biggest malls and shopping streets in New York and London. You can find the products of all the biggest brands, as well as to take a break by trying out some of the  countless leisure facilities. Don’t forget to stop by The Dubai Mall – the world’s largest mall.

Hit the beach – Some of the public beaches are located nearby key arteries and roads. As a result, during the working week, it can be hard to get to them. However, you can always enjoy a luxury beach holiday experience if you choose to stay in some of the beach-side hotels. They have their own private beaches where you can spend a few days baking under the sun.

Skydive – Jump out of a plane! In that way you will have the best view of Burj Khalifa and The Palm Islands. If heights scare you to death, you can try with an alternative – indoor skydiving. Even kids do it!

Atlantis, The Palm_Dolphin Bay (1)Swim with the dolphins – Dubai is the home of one of the world’s biggest and best dolphin habitats in the world. Go and take a dive with these fascinating and friendly creatures and create a memory of a lifetime. In the process, you will also fight with the heat.

Festival experience – Dubai loves festivals and the summer is particularly busy when it comes to that. From Ramadan in Dubai to Eid in Dubai and Dubai Summer Surprises – you will never feel bored. The summer festival season in the emirate is starts with Ramadan in Dubai (29 June – 27 July). It focuses mainly on Ramadan-related activities, Iftar and other regional traditions. It will give you a unique glimpse into the local culture. Part of it is also the Ramadan Night Market which will give you the unique chance to shop in the dark. The events will run every day between 17 July and 27 July from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. More than 350 retailers will participate in it. Therefore, visitors will be able to buy nearly everything – from clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories, food, souvenirs, art, toys, cosmetic products and many more. Eid in Dubai will kick off on 28 July and it will continue until 1 August. It is more family-oriented and it offers many shopping opportunities, as well as the chance to win some big prizes. Other trademarks of this festival are also firework shows, children’s events and various music performances. The summer season in Dubai is traditionally closed with Dubai Summer Surprises (2 August – 5 September). It is also one of the biggest highlights of the summer in Dubai and it is mainly dedicate to family dun and shopping .Use it to hunt for the best bargains in over 6,000 outlets or to spend some quality time with your closest people.

Dubai summers are quite eventful and can satisfy the taste of all types of travelers. Follow this bucket list and you will spend one unforgettable summer holiday.


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