The Secrets of Online Dating Sites


Online dating sites grew in popularity in recent years. Many people claim they have found the love of their life on the web, while others complain from being spammed. Websites such as,, and quickly gain popularity. However, online dating sites are here to stay and in all cases it is better to approach it well equipped with knowledge.

Here are few points you will not find covered in the FAQ’s of any online dating website:

Finding your perfect match is pricey

Finding the One is a hard task. Nielsen, a market researcher, has found that about 30 million people have a profile in a dating site. In addition, a big part of them spends a large amount of money to use the service. Many online dating sites charge their users between $15 and $60 on monthly basis. Annual subscriptions are slightly cheaper. The worst part is that most of the online dating sites automatically renew the paid subscription after it expires and you are required to pay more fees. Very few online dating websites are free to use. Nowadays, even expats networks are paid!

The online dating business is apparently very profitable. However, the rise of the Internet marks the rise of the dating sites. Now, many people rely on their friends to introduce them to someone. As a result, today this business sector amounts to $1.2 billion.  The tendency started about three years ago and it is still going strong.

Therefore, we should not be surprised by the expensive online dating services. Only 10 years ago, most match-making websites were free to use. Others charged only about $10 per month.

But the initial low fees are a logical business move. The sites needed to first promote and attract people in order to offer efficient services. In addition, fees are something like a guarantee that the user will come back to the site.

We all go through the “single” phase

In the past, people were not willing to share the fact that they have met their partner online. But today dating sites are becoming more and more popular, especially among the people whose age is 50+. They make up over 15% of the web daters. This new tendency among people who are over 50 is fast developing. Most of them are either divorced, widows or single. Moreover, it was discovered that every third of them has never tied the knot.

Not always successful

People, who have met online, often get disappointed when they meet in the real life. You cannot truly know a person from an online dating website.

Even though, these services use sophisticated algorithms to find you a perfect match, they often fail. The matching technologies and methods have improved compared to previous years. However, they can are nowhere near perfection. The users of online dating websites do various tests that analyze things like their character, emotional state and self-perception in order to find a better match.

Dating websites continue to develop match-making tools that can improve the quality of the results.

Not everyone is honest

More than 50% of the users of dating sites do not provide true information when there are making their profiles. In addition, it was found that certain nationalities of daters lie more than others.

However, the online dating industry cannot make its users to tell the truth. The bad thing is that these fake profiles make fake match suggestions. However, daters will eventually learn about the lies when they meet the person.

Interestingly, it was also discovered that those members who lie in their profiles are usually very aware of their pros and cons. They only lie to please other people. Moreover, most of the dating sites users lie more or less.

Too much information

Often dating sites offer anonymously. As a result, people are more open to share information about them. However, some get too carried away with that. The online dating websites usually ask a lot of questions. This is good since you will be able to learn more information about your date. However, they will also have the chance to get plenty of details on you.

Online dating services assure that they do not sell information to others. They only claim that they use the data to find you compatible partner. The truth, however, is that newspapers, websites and magazines already use the members’ information on these dating sites. Not long ago, a study based on the data from such a website ranked the professions who cheat the most.

Dating sites are a cheaters hub

Most sites do not encourage adultery. But using them for cheating can be a piece of cake. Moreover, they are sites that specialize in this.

After Facebook introduced its Graph Search, many people use it to look for people who are single. In addition, Facebook was one of the main causes for divorce in the States in 2011. The number of people who use social websites to cheat on their half is rapidly growing.

But why do adultery rates increase? The financial instability leads to problems in one’s marriage like stress and more arguments.

Other experts, however, claim that the web has nothing to do with the rising number of divorces. According to them, dating sites do make cheating easier, but they also make finding your right match easier.

A photo cannot tell you everything

In the past, the only thing you could do to improve your photo was to find some taken a few years ago. But now there are different programs and apps that can change your appearance from head to toe. However, the illusion will disappear as soon as the users meet in real life.

Even more surprising and disturbing is the fact, that many daters use photos of other people. These liars often go so far that they even use a photo of their online date.

However, experts say that users do not need to go through all that trouble to impress someone online. They advise women to look straight in the camera. In that way men will get a feeling that they are actually looking at them. Men, on the other hand, should not focus too much on the camera’s lens since women may find that disturbing. Also, daters should not use profile pics that show them all dressed up. It is better if your photo shows your real style.

Don’t lose sight on your wallet

Single people are one of the most common victims of swindlers. In 2011, scammers stole $50 from single souls. In most cases, one person loses somewhere around $9,000. The more popular dating websites tend to warn their users of possible con artists by giving them advice.

However, new online dating sites are often filled with fake identities. That is why it is better if you first speak with your date on the phone before you decide to meet in real life.

Beauty or the beast

Some websites organizes different social event for its users. However, they only let some members to join the fun. That may seem harsh, but in fact daters do the same thing to when they go through other people’s profiles.

Other sites do not show the faces of their members at all. The service is based on location and it tries to respect the privacy of its users. But members of such sites stimulate their members to pay more attention to their looks.

Mobile dating is one of the latest trends. In fact, the mobile sector is predicted to increase twice in only five years. In addition, 50% of the users of the most popular sites log in using a mobile app. Also, these applications are easier to use since the automatically build a profile of their user.

Just looking

A large number of daters only want to go through other people’s profile and they are not really interested in seeing someone. In addition, the sites offer so many suggestions and members have so little free time for dating, that they never really get to meet anyone. Online daters need to spend hours browsing and answering various questions about themselves and that requires a lot of time and patience.

However, online dating services are quite confidents in their work. Moreover, a 2010 study found that 1.6th of all married couples in the States have met on the web.

Most users, however, tend to use a dating site for only three months. But 20% of them later return to the service after a year and a half.


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