Policybazaar, Al Etihad Credit Bureau to Run Real-Time Credit Score Eligibility Checks


PB Fintech FZ (‘Policybazaar UAE’), an online financial aggregator has entered into a technical/API integration with Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) to implement real-time eligibility checks for credit card applications based on the AECB Credit Score and banks’ approval criteria. Customers of Policybazaar UAE can now apply for credit cards having an immediate indication of the chance of their application to be pre-approved based on their AECB Credit Score, which will be pulled automatically by the system. This pre-eligibility check will help enable banks to approve the application faster. Policybazaar.ae will bear the costs of the AECB Credit Score, which will be displayed real-time on-screen and delivered to the applicants via email by AECB.

Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, CEO of AECB said: “This new access channel will make our credit scores easily accessible by individuals through multiple digital distribution channels. Our system now allows marketplaces, aggregators, and potentially any digital platform to integrate with AECB’s systems through APIs. This will enable individuals in the UAE to obtain their AECB Credit Scores through digital channels thereby facilitating access to credit information and making the credit score an integral part of business practice.”

Neeraj Gupta, CEO, Policybazaar UAE said: “This integration will offer our customers an instant and convenient access to their AECB credit scores on Policybazaar.ae platform. This integration lays out an analytical framework for customers in UAE to make informed financial decisions while having immediate access to their financial information. After knowing their actual credit history, customers can create different credit scenarios by evaluating themselves before making the leap towards their next purchase.”

“We advise maintaining a good credit history, which will avoid a higher rate of interest/credit refusals from the lenders and let customers avail other benefits,” he added.

The AECB Credit Score is a three-digit number that indicates how likely customers are to make their payment obligations on time based on past payment behaviors, which in essence identifies an individual’s creditworthiness. AECB calculates the Credit Score using information it regularly collects from financial and non-financial institutions in the UAE. The AECB Credit Scores range between 300-900, with a higher score meaning a lower level of risk. For instance, if a customer’s score is 300, it means they are defaulting on a payment such as a mobile phone bill, a loan installment or even a credit card payment. On the other hand, a good and high AECB credit score (657 or above is considered low risk, or 4 out of five stars), means that a customer’s credit behavior reflects a lower risk – which translates into easier availability of credit cards and faster loan approvals.

Customer behavior towards their payment obligations is the main contributor in calculating the AECB Credit Score. To improve Credit Scores and Reports, make payments on time, avoid bounced cheques, reduce unnecessary debt, and reduce outstanding balances on credit cards.


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