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Much like technology, consumer demands continue to evolve. With cutting-edge features and next-generation technologies coming together to bring futuristic concepts to life, expectations increase as tech enthusiasts are introduced to new devices. For Samsung, this was most recently apparent with the launch of the highly anticipated Galaxy A Series. Awesome and accessible in equal measure, the Samsung Galaxy A Series is the latest products’ suite to capture the imagination of Galaxy ecosystem fans, elevating experiences and delivering greater value through its innovative prowess.

Comprising the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A72, the Galaxy A Series has already established itself as a unique gateway to innovation, backed by awesome capabilities, display, design, and camera. Here, we explain the reasons behind this reality and explore how these devices immediately became household names and achieved mainstream success:

Creation, communication, expression

From the very beginning of the Galaxy A Series project, Samsung aimed to bring fun and creativity to users’ camera interactions with awesome innovations. Today, this ambition has been realized. First and foremost, all of you can shoot professional photos and videos that capture precise detail with ease thanks to the power and versatility of an awesome quad camera with a 64MP high-resolution main lens. Should you wish to showcase a part of a photo, you can simply crop the content in high-resolution with Quick Crop, minimizing a 64MP image into a 16MP image for a result of the highest quality.

We’re also all familiar with the dilemma of choosing between photos and videos. Fortunately, the Galaxy A Series has you covered here too, because you’re empowered to do both by shooting a 4K video and turning it into an 8MP high-resolution image with a simple tap thanks to 4K Video Snap. What’s more, you can capture post-ready pictures right there and then. Scene Optimizer automatically applies the right color, brightness, and sharpness settings for the perfect shots, while popular features such as Single Take and Night Hyperlapse add even more satisfaction to camera interactions.

Style and sophistication

Thanks to the winning combination of unrivaled creativity and a clear understanding of what consumers want, Samsung has enhanced your experiences and style with a vivid display and sophisticated look specifically designed to reflect you and your needs. For example, comfortable viewing experiences and super smooth scrolling are guaranteed in every instance with the Galaxy A Series’ Super AMOLED display and high refresh rates. The Galaxy A52 features a 6.5-inch Infinity-O Full HD+ display and 90Hz refresh rate for real smooth scrolling, the Galaxy A52 5G provides a high-quality viewing experience on its 6.5-inch Infinity-O Full HD+ display and hours of super smooth scrolling with an 120Hz refresh rate, and the Galaxy A72 offers a more immersive experience with a 6.7-inch Infinity-O Full HD+ display.

There are also more avenues for you to express yourself, with each device designed simply but purposefully to standout above the rest. Demonstrate your sophistication with the iconic and easy-to-grip soft-edge design. Communicate your eye for detail with an overall cohesive design that features minimal camera housing and unified color for both the camera and phone body. Showcase your uniqueness with the all-new muted shine color line that accompanies the Galaxy A Series, with colors including Awesome Violet, Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, and Awesome White. All of these actions and more can be done whenever you wish, emphasizing the accessibility of all three smartphones.

Exploration and expansion

As always, the world-famous Galaxy ecosystem plays a prominent role in your everyday Galaxy A Series experiences, enabling you to broaden your horizons, discover new opportunities, and explore the full power of innovation and seamless connectivity. For one, control has always been important, especially if you’re regularly multitasking or balancing work and home life. Therefore, the Galaxy A Series effortlessly helps you stay organized and connected. SmartThings introduces a whole new level of automation, letting you connect and control thousands of devices in your smart home environment right from your Galaxy A series device—including wearables, tablets, PCs and TVs.

One example is SmartThings Find, which locates your paired devices with more intuitive and detailed directions, including integrated map or ringing, to help you find your Galaxy devices faster. Another is Samsung’s new Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, which or whichever belonging you wish to quickly track them down.

Furthermore, you can also build connections and share experiences with your world and everyone in it. Whether you’re participating in helps you find devices or belongings by attaching it to what matters most. Simply attach the Galaxy SmartTag to your keys a joint workout at home or catching up on the latest podcast with friends, Music Share and Buds Together allow you to connect and share the experience with friends and family. With Music Share, you can enjoy a more convenient connectivity experience by syncing your phone with a friend or family members’ device that is already connected to a Bluetooth speaker and share your music without speaker paring. At the same time, you can share playlists with others for exclusive listening experiences by pairing phones and connecting two sets of Galaxy Buds with Buds Together.


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