Global Village to Celebrate Ramadan as a Perfect End to Silver Jubilee Season


Guests can enjoy Iftar and Suhoor in a beautiful outdoor setting and unique Ramadan ambiance 

Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, is set to celebrate Ramadan with guests for the first time in recent memory.  With the park open until May 2nd, families will have plenty of opportunity to discover Ramadan cultures and traditions from a multitude of different countries. 

As a renowned destination for families to spend quality time and enjoy an outdoor evening together, Global Village strives to take its guests on a journey of discovery every time they visit. During Ramadan Nights, guests can enjoy the immense night market, the many food options, cultural surprises such as “musaharati” in the streets of Global Village, the traditional Iftar canon and of course fireworks every weekend. There’s lots to do for the younger generation with Kids Cinema and Carnaval fully operational. 

During Ramadan, opening hours will change from the Park’s usual timing to accommodate Iftar and Suhoor. The park will be open from 6 pm to 2 am daily so guests can experience the many different culinary delights on offer from the 200+ restaurants, kiosks and food carts across the Park. 

Global Village has also added a reservation-only outdoor Majlis for guests to spend a relaxing evening amongst family or friends. The Majlis of the World is located at the heart of Global Village and offers a sumptuous environment with live ambient performers including Oud players and calligraphers. Guests can select their meals from the wide variety of street food offerings and bring them to enjoy in the comfort of the Majlis. A drinks counter will also be open for Majlis guests to purchase sweets and Ramadan juices throughout the evening. Board games will also be available at the location. 

Majlis of the World table bookings can be made on the Global Village website or app. Bookings are just AED 25 per hour, or AED 75 for the entire evening, and each booking is valid for a seating area for up to 6 people. A portion of these revenues will be donated to a charitable organisation so that we can share the joy of Ramadan. 

The destination’s vast night market will also be open for guests to meander before or after Iftar. In preparation for Eid, guests can find household décor at the Turkey, UAE, and Egypt pavilions; Ramadan sweets are plentiful in the Syria and Morocco pavilions; Spices perfect for popular Eid and Ramadan dishes are available in shops and stalls within the UAE, Pakistan, Yemen, and Kuwait and Bahrain pavilions; unique kitchen supplies and utensils from around the world are easily found in AlSanaa and Khalifa Foundation areas; best options for new Eid outfits for the whole family can be found in Kuwait, Bahrain and Morocco; the best abayas are available in UAE and KSA with beautiful accessories in Europe and Lebanon; unusual Eid gifts can also be found in any number of the 3,500 retail outlets across Global Village. 

With its award-winning safety precautions, Global Village is the perfect place to enjoy the true spirit of Ramadan until Season 25 draws to a close on 2nd May 2021. 

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