Global Village Celebrates the 49th National Day with Art of Wonder

  • Fireworks, entertainment and 7 symbolic art installations to honour the Spirit of the Union.

Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, has announced what’s in store for guests over the coming week as part of the 49th National Day celebrations. Global Village is a perfect National Day Holiday outing for family and friends. With a festive atmosphere in celebration of the spirit of the union, and emblematic art installations across Global Village, the stage is set for guests to enjoy the long weekend, mark the unity of the seven emirates, and rejoice in the country’s diversity.

The five-day weekend begins on Monday, November 30th with Commemoration Day to recognise the sacrifice of Emirati martyrs who gave their lives for the nation in civil, military and humanitarian service. Global Village will observe this solemn day without music or entertainment, with usual mainstays resuming on Tuesday, December 1st

From day one, guests will discover Insta-worthy art installations designed to celebrate the unity of the seven Emirates as well as the remarkable cultural diversity of this great country:

  1. A Perspective photo opportunity in the colours of the UAE flag will occupy the open space near Kiosks Street, 
  2. Celebration Walk will host seven brightly coloured pillars of rocks featuring the UAE flag. Each pillar is made up of massive rocks with the tallest reaching 5 meters in height. 
  3. Arabian Square will be home to almost a hundred colourful Falcons – the country’s national bird.
  4. Streaming ribbons will dance in the wind above the newly introduced Fiesta Street.

The last 3 art installations are all Guinness World Records™ attempts that will be created during the National Day holiday:

  1. 2nd December: The Largest bottle cap sentence using more than 13800 bottle caps to break the record. When the art installation, which will be done in partnership with AQUAFINA to form the opening sentence of the UAE National Anthem “Eishi Biladi”, is removed the bottle caps will be donated to Dgrade to recycle into parts for wheelchairs. This installation can be seen on the left of the Main Stage. 
  2. 3rd December: To the right of the Main Stage, The Largest Flag number will be installed. The creator will need to use over 1000 UAE flags to create a mosaic of the number 49. 
  3. 4th December: The Largest ticket mosaic will need to be 50 square metres to become the largest in the world. Guests can see this massive installation at Gate of the world. 

The UAE pavilion and heritage area will welcome guests with true Emirati hospitality and a host of activities and cultural shows. “Emarat, Land of Peace”, this year’s classic National Day Operetta, is directed by Nasser Ibrahim and presented by Ornina Arts on Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Saturday 5th December. This epic production will chart the UAE’s rich history, with scenes depicting the declaration of the union all the way to the current day, including a special feature on the historic Mars probe launch. 

From Wednesday 2nd December to Friday 4th December, spectacular musical firework displays will delight guests and paint the skies above in the colours of the UAE flag every night at 9 pm. From the entrance Gates to Carnaval, Global Village will be lit in vibrant red, green, white, and black to pay homage to this auspicious occasion. 

Over and above the regular precautionary measures that are in place this Season, Global Village has put together an extensive plan for the National Day holiday so guests can enjoy the 49th National Day with peace of mind. Guests are invited to adhere to and respect these best-in-class measures during their visit to ensure everyone has a good time. These include wearing the face masks at all times, maintaining social distancing and regularly sanitizing hands through the 600+ stations across the park that are filled with SHIELDme’s 100% natural products. To add to the fun, free masks in the UAE’s colours will be distributed to guests upon entry and a special Snapchat filter will be live for the occasion. 

Guests can enjoy the beautiful winter weather from 4pm-1am daily from Monday 30th November to Friday 4th December. 

For more information, please visit: or download the Global Village App.

Instagram: @globalvillageuae

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