LinkedIn Announces New Design, New Experiences To Help Members Build Meaningful Relationships


LinkedIn today announced a number of updates in line with its efforts to continue to help its members connect with their community and make their LinkedIn experience as easy, enjoyable, safe, and inclusive as possible.

As part of these updates, LinkedIn has introduced a visual redesign, new features to the messaging option, and an enhanced search experience which will be slowly introduced to members over the next few months.

In its first major visual redesign in five years, LinkedIn has created a cleaner and more modern look with a focus on community. A warmer colour palette with blue and green accents to signal action and selection have been added as well as new illustrations to reflect the human world of work and more rounded shapes for a softer, friendlier experience.

The intuitive new design optimizes space, size, and typographic structure while adding more whitespace while reducing divider lines and decorative icons ensures a simplified look and feel. New illustrations have been incorporated, portraying a wide range of professional fields and industries to bring to life LinkedIn’s vibrant community and diverse perspectives.

With a 25% increase in messages sent on the platform since last year, LinkedIn has also added new ways to connect through messages. These feature updates include reactions to message through emojis, and the ability to kick off a video meeting directly in a message thread using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly from LinkedIn messages.

LinkedIn has also added the ability to edit or delete sent messages and made it easier to manage messages. In-line message warnings have been added to help identify inappropriate, inflammatory, harassing or hateful content quickly. 

A blended search experience has also been introduced to make it easier and faster to find everything available on LinkedIn. This will facilitate searches and yield organized results with jobs, people, courses, groups, events and content in one result.

LinkedIn has also added keyword filters for people (previously available only on web) to the mobile app, as well as filters for company by location, industry and company size to all platforms. Personalised insights to the search results have also been added to spot more relevant results faster.  

As part of these updates, LinkedIn will also be making LinkedIn Stories available in the U.S. and Canada, and globally in the coming weeks, a feature tested in the UAE earlier this year.

The announcement follows the launches of new tools to help people connect virtually and stay informed over the past few months. It also shares how we continue to see engagement on LinkedIn hit new highs with a 50 percent increase in people sharing, and more than 1 million hours of learning consumed every week. For more information, visit our LinkedIn blog.


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