Health Promotion Department Releases 1st Health E-bulletin


The Health Promotion Department, HPD, has recently launched its first e-bulletin which aims to raise awareness about the healthy lifestyles followed while staying home in accordance with the directives of the UAE government to adopt the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

The first edition of the e-bulletin is entitled “Healthy lifestyle at home – proper nutrition” and it will be available at the HPD’s online and smart platforms.

The topics of the first issue touched on how important that our daily dish must include the nutrients boosting our energy levels and the importance of eating five-day fruits and vegetable portions and how to calculate the type and number of fruits and vegetables to be eaten.

The bulletin also included a food guide about the healthy food choices to boost our immunity system and the hazards of energy drinks, sugars, and soft drinks on the immune system, as well as important tips about what should be made after shopping to achieve food safety, including the disposal of shopping bags, cleaning and sterilizing the refrigerator before storing food, and other advice supported with interactive animations to make the idea clear and simple.

Nothing more important than staying home

Her Excellency Iman Rashid Saif, Director of the Health Promotion Department, emphasized the significance of staying at home as being the most important preventive and successful measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, pointing out that this matter is a national, moral, and communal responsibility by everybody to ensure the health and safety of society.

“The current stage is not only a challenge to combat the virus but also to maintain our health while staying at home for such long hours, where the remote work system and staying at home may affect our normal practices, especially that are related to eating if we don’t follow scientific methods of healthy nutrition to boost our immunity during this stage,”

“For that reason, the HPD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention as well as some health educators and specialists according to WHO’s reports, has released a series of awareness-raising tips to help the people to deal with the staying at home and the necessary measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle in these exceptional circumstances,” Saif added.

She pointed out that this initiative comes as part of a series of awareness campaigns organized by the HPD, including filming videos about the importance of adopting preventive measures and adhering to the instructions of the country’s authorities, in addition to emphasizing the individual and family role in terms of practicing healthy behaviors to protect ourselves against infections, such as personal hygiene, regular sterilization, and healthy food to enhance the immune system.

“All of our awareness materials are available through the media outlets and social media sites, in addition to our cooperation with the competent authorities in the country to expand the scope of awareness about COVID-19,” Saif concluded.

“Towards a healthy lifestyle” magazine

Earlier this month, the HPD has released the first edition of “Towards a healthy lifestyle” online magazine, which is published every two months on the HPD’s website and smart and electronic platforms for various government and private departments and institutions.

The magazine is divided into six sections. The “health article” focuses on the misconceptions about the new coronavirus, COVID-19, according to WHO’s reports, in addition to clarifying the facts pertaining to the ages of people who are vulnerable to get infected with the virus and the correct methods of prevention. The other sections featured a number of nutritional and sports advice that enhances the body’s immune system.


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