Investment opportunities for major parks in Dubai announced


Dubai Municipality has announced several investment opportunities in the emirate’s public parks, such as the event spaces, and the allocation of different areas for restaurants and small shops, within the investment map of each park managed by the Municipality.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said that the Municipality aims to support the directives of the wise leadership to encourage investment and facilitate business for local and foreign investors in the emirate.

“Dubai Municipality is making significant contributions by providing a conducive and encouraging environment for foreign and domestic investment, which will raise the emirate’s GDP, enhance its economy, ensure that it maintains its competitiveness and leadership, and continues to make progress in all economic sectors to become the first choice for investors and businessmen looking for the best havens and investment opportunities,” he said.

Najeeb Mohammed Saleh, Director of Planning Department at Dubai Municipality explained at the Dubai Municipality that there are many investment opportunities available, including investment in six major public parks: Creek, Zabeel, Mushrif, Mamzar and Safa, in addition to the Quranic Park recently opened by Dubai Municipality in Al Khawaneej on an area of ​​64 hectares at a total cost of about Dhs130 million, taking nearly two years, which is a unique concept in the world.

He added: “The aim of these opportunities is to invest approximately 10% of the area of ​​each park to implement investment projects to serve the community and raise the level of happiness of visitors to public parks, in addition to optimizing the resources and assets available to the Municipality.”

The Creek Park distinguishes with its facilities and services such as picnic and barbecue areas, children’s games, sea cruises and bicycle rentals, as well as a wide range of facilities, such as the Dubai Dolphin Center and the Children’s City, which offer various sections and shows. The park has received nearly 3.8 million visitors over the last three years.

The Mamzar Smart Park, which is part of the beach parks category, is characterized by its vast area and its unique location on the golden sands of the beach, where there are many areas and entertainment and recreational sites spread over the magnificent park on an area of 99 hectares. The park offers beach facilities, children’s games, chalet rentals and beach sports courts, as well as swimming pools, a skating arena, and a variety of activities. The park receives the largest number of visitors to Dubai’s major public parks, with a total of 5.7 million visitors in the last three years.


Mushrif Park has an international village that provides 13 models for Arab and foreign residences. The park also boasts entertainment and recreational facilities such as electronic entertainment, swimming pools, restaurants, cafeterias, train and theater services. The number of visitors has reached 3.35 million over the past three years.

Zabeel Park is considered one of the most important projects of the Municipality with its vital location, spacious area and unique facilities. It is also an exceptional type of modern urban project. The number of visitors during the past three years was nearly 3.1 million.

Safa Park is located on four public roads opposite the Dubai Water Canal. The number of visitors over the past three years has exceeded 730,000. One of its main facilities is a mini-garden for women. There are children’s play areas as well as catering services, cafeterias, mosques, theater, jogging track and sports ground service.

Dubai Municipality has recently participated in the Annual Investment Forum 2019, which had marked an exceptional presence in front of the delegations of investors representing more than 140 countries from around the world.

The aim of the Municipality’s participation in this annual event was to highlight the investment opportunities available in a number of parks in the Emirate of Dubai, through the spaces for events and the allocation of different areas for restaurants and kiosks, within the investment map of each park managed by the Municipality.

The Annual Investment Forum 2019, the world’s largest investor event, witnesses a huge number of meetings between companies and government institutions. The Forum presents information and strategies to attract foreign direct investment.


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