Which Jobs Are in Demand


Finance and Investments

As tax law become ever convoluted, new risk-reducing regulation in traditional banking opens doors for private-equity firms, and money management becomes increasingly complex, the demand for experts in corporate finance, tax accounting, investments and personal financial planning will grow. In fact, the financial crisis of the last decade and the vilification of many within the finance industry, lead students during that time to seek employment in other industries. Consequently, students seeking careers in finance should be able to find good job prospect due to previous shortages.

Business Management and Administration

Effective management is the key to success in an ever global and competitive economy. This is probably why top managers demand some of the highest compensation packages of any professionals. Managers of the past simply had to understand basic finance, management, and economics within a limited geographic scope. Today with the advent of the Internet, digital technology, social media and a myriad of ever evolving communication mediums, managers must be dynamic, with the ability to adapt and change their company’s direction on a moments notice. In addition, managers of the future must be well versed and stay up to date on the latest technologies affecting their industry. Business managers and administrators will be in high demand through 2020 and beyond.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

While traditional businesses in retail, automotive, healthcare and professional services will continue to grow and support millions of jobs nationwide, the opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs will be greater than ever through 2020. Technology start-ups will continue to bring new consumer products and business services to market, but entrepreneurs and small businesses who can find new and innovative ways to meet customer needs will drive growth and career opportunities.


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