Why is Dubai a Hub for Small and Medium Enterprises?


In a recent press release published by Dubai SMEs, it was stated that Dubai has earned the distinction of being an incubator for small and medium-sized companies. It further said that the Dubai SME100 ranking is a support system by the Dubai Government towards the growth of SMEs. There are several such initiatives that are collaboratively held by various public and private bodies. Be it the aid provided by the Dubai SME & the government or the various affordable business setup services in Dubai – all together SMEs have been channeled towards growth and success.

Nevertheless, SMEs have correspondingly given it back to Dubai! A news report last week said that there are 400,000 SME companies in the UAE that contribute towards 60% of the UAE’s GDP. Whereas, Dubai alone houses 95% of these establishments. It is also estimated that 47 % of the Dubai’s GDP & over half of its workforce comes through SMEs.

So, how exactly does Dubai create business opportunities for SMEs? And why is Dubai a booming hub for small and medium enterprises?

Saima Khan is a senior business setup consultant  for over 8 years with Shuraa Business Setup. She has helped numerous budding entrepreneurs start a business in Dubai. She took a moment to enlighten on the subject.

Saima says, “Starting a business in Dubai as an SME is the best – the initial investment is low & there is flexibility to expand the business.” She also states that most of her clients are willing to start SMEs as they offer better returns on investment and are aided with governmental benefits.

The veteran business setup consultant also said that SMEs empower the private sector, this creates more business opportunities in Dubai and diversifies the economic system.

She says that Dubai is a hub for SMEs because Dubai comprehends that they are the major backbone of the economy. This makes the government offer SMEs special perks, that further increases the company formation of small and medium enterprises in Dubai. Saima says, “SMEs in Dubai are offered the best business setup possibilities, business communities and innovative business modules.”

Saima added that through her years at Shuraa Business Setup and being in Dubai, she has helped SMEs to start a business in Dubai and across the UAE. She recommends that starting an SME company in Dubai can be a great option for any entrepreneur.

She concludes by saying that, “The Dubai government along with the DED and the Dubai SME offer the best international practices to start an SME in Dubai. And with the help of Shuraa, we can make the process even more affordable, convenient and easy.”

This post is by Shuraa Business Setup (https://www.shuraa.com/) a leading business setup service provider in Dubai. Shuraa Business Setup offers the best solutions to start any type of business in the UAE. So, if you are also willing to establish an SME in Dubai or want to learn about other business setup opportunities in Dubai contact Shuraa Business Setup.


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