Calling All Freelancers: New Freelancer Permit Launched


Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) rolled out the red carpet for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) booming population of media and education freelancers with the introduction of its Freelancer Permit.

“Leaving the usual 9-5 job takes a lot of courage and I admire individuals who choose to build their own path by becoming free agents,” said Ramy Jallad Group CEO of RAKEZ, RAK Free Trade Zone and Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority. “We launched the Freelancer Permit to help empower aspiring sole practitioners by opening them up to a world of opportunities while keeping their costs in check and offering them the support they need to succeed.”

With the Freelancer package valued at AED 8,990, RAKEZ proves to be among the leading cost-effective destinations for the nation’s bold freelancers. The package, which is targeted to media and education professionals, includes a two-year UAE visa as well as access to a shared workstation and premium services in a one-stop shop.

Joining the exciting freelance community at RAKEZ is incredibly easy, thanks to a fact-track permit issuance which allows applicants to get set up in no time. Jallad noted that “it is easy for ‘solopreneurs’ to get lost in a sea of processes when they are setting up a freelance business.” Thus, the economic zone has made everything as easy and quick as possible for freelancers to get started.

Moreover, RAKEZ offers a pleasant work and play environment to its clients that is collaborative at the same time. Within the economic zone’s ecosystem alone, freelancers get access to potential projects from the more than 13,000 businesses thriving in RAKEZ’s diversified sectors.

“We encourage skilled individuals out there to embrace their true passion and join our growing family of freelancers at RAKEZ. It’s time for you to be the one who’s calling the shots,” said Jallad.


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