Dubai Neighborhoods with the Happiest Residents


Dubai plans to become the happiest city in the world. It goes without saying that the area where you live contributes a lot to your happiness and well-being. Happiness depends on a number of factors and there is no simple equation to calculate it, so to find out which Dubai neighbourhoods have the happiest residents in 2018, ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading marketplace for home services, recently surveyed close to 2000 residents in the Emirate. Each neighbourhood was rated on 19 different attributes, which included the quality of facilities, sense of community, child-friendliness, greenery, and the availability of public transportation.

Which areas had the happiest residents?

With an overall average rating of 4.16 out of a maximum of 5, Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills) topped the list of the highest rated areas in Dubai because it has an abundance of green spaces and amenities and gives residents a sense of community. It was closely followed by JLT/Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Heights with a rating of 4, which scored highly for the quality of the apartments and access to restaurants. Silicon Oasis, the third highest rated area, has newer and spacious residential buildings with low rents, which means that they offer good value for money. It’s also a big business hub, so another reason could be that a lot of residents enjoy living near their workplace. These highly rated areas are also very central and their residents have easy access to public transportation, restaurants and supermarkets. Based on the results of this survey, the highest rated areas are as follows:  

Table 1: Overall Residents’ Rating of Each Area on 19 attributes

Sample Size: 1900 Dubai Residents

Where 1 is the lowest score and 5 is the highest

Area Overall average rating
Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills) 4.16
JLT/Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Heights 4
Silicon Oasis 3.99
Jumeirah/Al Wasl/Um Suqeim 3.95
Downtown/DIFC/Business Bay 3.85
Dubai Marina and Sufouh* 3.81
Discovery Gardens/Gardens/Furjaan 3.79
Al Qusais 3.74
Sports City/Motor City/Jumeirah Golf Estates 3.74
Mirdif/Mizhar/Al Warqa 3.69


What were the lowest rated areas?

Rated poorly in terms of the amount of traffic, proximity to schools, and facilities, International City was the lowest rated area in Dubai this year. Satwa also scored poorly due to lack of greenery, low quality of facilities and traffic congestion. Deira/Al Mamzar was the third lowest rated area in terms of the proximity to schools, facilities and greenery. These areas are densely-populated and generally have older, lower quality apartments.  

Table 2: Overall Residents’ Rating of Each Area on 19 attributes

Sample Size: 1900 Dubai Residents

Where 1 is the lowest score and 5 is the highest

Area Overall average rating
JVC/JVT 3.56
Al Barsha 3.55
Karama 3.52
Dubailand 3.43
Muhaisnah 3.42
Tecom 3.4
Al Quoz 3.35
Deira/Al Mamzar 3.3
Satwa 3.28
International City 3.27


How does this compare to the 2016 findings?

Motor City had the highest overall average rating last year. For the purpose of this year’s study, Motor City was grouped with Sports City and Jumeirah Golf Estates, but on its own it still has a very high rating of 4.27. The Greens, as part of a group or on its own, has managed to remain on the list of top 5 highest rated areas for three consecutive years. Emirates Living has climbed from the 3rd to the top position.  

What are the highest rated areas for families with children?

While picking a suitable area, most parents are likely to consider factors like the proximity to schools, sense of community, child-friendliness and security. Based on these factors the top three areas for families with children are Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills), Silicon Oasis, and Jumeirah/Al Wasl/Um Suqeim. On the other hand, International City was rated as the least suitable area for children.

What are the highest rated areas for a healthy lifestyle?

A lot of people now pick residential areas that would allow them to have a healthy lifestyle. If you consider factors like health facilities such as swimming pools and gyms as well as greenery, walking possibilities and noise levels, then the areas with the highest ratings are Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills), JLT/Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Heights, and Silicon Oasis, whereas Tecom and Satwa have the poorest scores.

Which areas have the best homes?

In terms of the layout, size and finishing of homes, the highest rated areas in Dubai are Downtown/DIFC/Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road and Trade Center, and Dubai Marina and Sufouh On the other hand, homes in International City, Deira/Al Mamzar and Satwa had the lowest ratings.  

What were the attributes that the areas were rated on?

The survey focused on the following 19 attributes:

  1. The quality of the finishing in their home
  2. The layout and size of their home
  3. The availability of parking spaces
  4. The amount of green areas
  5. Value for money
  6. Sense of community
  7. The walking possibilities
  8. The availability of public transportation
  9. The proximity to shops
  10. The proximity to restaurants
  11. The activity and entertainment options nearby
  12. The quality of the facilities (swimming pool, gym, etc.)
  13. The proximity to schools/kindergartens
  14. The amount of traffic
  15. Noise levels
  16. Pet-friendliness
  17. Child-friendliness
  18. Feeling of safety
  19. Overall rating of area

Other interesting findings:

  • Silicon Oasis is emerging as one of the most popular areas in the Emirate and its ratings have also been improving.
  • In general, all areas were rated high on safety, except a few like Satwa, Deira/Al Mamzar and International City.
  • In terms of availability of public transportation, Satwa was rated the highest and Dubailand had the poorest score.
  • Dubai Marina and Sufouh got the highest average rating for its quality of facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, etc.



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