Avoid Tummy Fat for a Healthy Lifestyle


ReduStim – European Medical Devices Class IIa, with more than 15 international years’ experience offers hope for patients suffering from visceral fat.

Nowadays, obesity became a major issue in the UAE. According to a survey made by Zurich International Life last year, 47.5% of UAE residents were overweight, with a BMI between 25 and 30, while another 13% were obese, with a BMI over 30. Since the average BMI in the UAE is 25.6, the average UAE resident is considered overweight.

How about UAE Nationals and children?

Over 60% of Emirati nationals are overweight, and unfortunately this figure is expected to rise. The number of overweight or obese adults and children has continued to increase and is a trend that is not slowing down.

The Ministry of Health made a survey few years ago showing more than half of the children attending schools are unhealthy. The MOH surveyed 26,781 children in government schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

The study has shown that 16.1% were obese, and 32.3% were overweight, and 4.4% were morbidly obese, which is critic and need urgent action from parents to prevent their children.

What UAE experts say about Visceral Fat?

Dr. Afra Bin Katta from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said: “Visceral fat cells release fatty acids to the liver, pancreas, heart and other organs causing organ dysfunction, which in turn leads to insulin resistance higher levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. It’s also associated with breast cancer and with infertility in men.”

How to reduce Visceral fat?

During the GCC healthcare experts workshop held last May at the Conrad Hotel, Dr Philippe Blanchemaison, specialist in Angiology and Vascular Medicine and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris V, said:” A painless technique employed globally and published in recognized medical journals, ReduStim delivers significant lasting results, has no metabolic constraints and respects the natural biological processes of the human body.”

He added “I think Redustim is currently the method with the best benefit /risk ratio with real, linear results, a total absence of risk and constant patient satisfaction because of relaxing sessions,”

ReduStim is a medical device (class IIa) based on an innovative approach, that aims at progressively eliminating, by Biomagnetic activation, the subcutaneous fat as well as the excess fat (abdominal or visceral fat), responsible among other things for certain cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancers as well as male and female infertility, in particular in obese patients. The ReduStim BioMagnetic activation is realized through the application of a low frequency alternating Biomagnetic field (« house current » type), without adverse effects on the body. This painless technology has been successfully clinically tested during the last 15 years. The Biomagnetic activation specifically targets the « calcium ions » (calcium channels); contained in the membranes of all muscles cells. Biologically, it is the calcium that triggers the muscle’s contraction. The medical device offers a 100% hands-free clinically recognized treatment for visible results: an average loss of 6 cm on the waistline in 6 hours.

How about the results?

Saher Souqar – Journalist at Saneou Al Hadath – Dubai
“I think this medical device from ReduStim will make a big difference for any person looking to burn Belly Fat.
Personally, I tried the ReduStim Premium (BioMagnetic Field+Drainage Massage) for several sessions and the result was unbelievable. I already lost almost 6 cm from my Waist measurement, in 7 sessions. Easy to use it, no pain, no need for any efforts or sports exercise. Simply I can say: It’s one of the best inventions, I’ve ever seen among the other slimming devices. Thanks ReduStim team.”

Dr Ghislaine Beilin – Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Practitioner – Paris
“The Redustim technique permits global management of all parts of the body: arms, buttocks, thighs, calves and above all waist circumference. The device is safe, efficient and proven and brings prestige to aesthetics because it is also indicated for treating metabolic syndrome and abdominal obesity.”


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