Traffic Fines in Dubai Discounted by 50%


Vehicle owners who have accumulated traffic fines in Dubai from 2016 and earlier, now are granted a discount of 50 per cent.

Although very generous, the fines reduction is valid during a limited period of time and does not cover violations committed in 2017. So, if you want to benefit from it, you should hurry out to settle your traffic fines as soon as possible.

There are various options to facilitate the payment of traffic fines in Dubai, through the traffic department and all police and car registration centers as well as kiosks in all commercial centers.

Fine payments can also be done online, through UAE bank sites and RTA centers and the discount will be automatically set when paying the fines.

In addition, motorists who committed minor traffic offences until the end of Ramadan were asked to sign obligation letters instead of getting traffic tickets. Instead of issuing traffic fines to a motorist who committed a minor offence, the authorities hand over notes and flyers to them and ask them to sign on an obligation letter that they won’t repeat the offence again. It’s an initiative only during this Ramadan.

However, the initiative will be only for motorists committing minor traffic fines. The obligation letter contains the name of the driver and nationality with all car details and a note that the person will follow traffic rules.


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