Dubai Culture Announces Summer Training Programme


Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated entity for culture, arts and heritage, has announced its summer training programme through the Training and Performance Department of its Human Resources Department. The programme – ‘Takat’ – will run for two months from 02 July to 31 August 2017.

Takat is designed for all students from schools, universities, colleges and institutes, and aims to develop and refine their skills, educate them via practical experience, and train them in various accounting and management techniques.

Safiya Al Mehrizi, Director of Training and Performance Department at Dubai Culture, commented: “‘Takat is part of Dubai Culture’s ongoing efforts to communicate with all segments of society, and interact with students to allow them to benefit from their free time by learning new skills. To achieve this, we have created a set of terms and conditions that will give students a sense of responsibility and encourage them to adhere to deadlines and respect the systems adopted in the Authority’s various departments. Students participating in the programme will learn a range of new skills that will support their academic pursuits, and also acquire basic expertise that will qualify them to engage in real work environments once they have graduated.”

The terms and conditions designed by the Authority to guide the programme stipulate that to participate, individuals must be high-school, post or mid-graduate students over the age of 16 years old. Dubai Culture’s Human Resources Department will select the students and assign them to one of the Authority’s departments, and supervisors will then support the students by directing and monitoring their performance. At the end of the two month training programme, the students’ performance will be evaluated and they will be awarded certificates by the Human Resources Department.

Dubai Culture aims to enhance Dubai’s cultural scene and draw attention to the Emirate’s rich heritage with a variety of initiatives that take place throughout the year. This Authority’s mandate is to build bridges of constructive dialogue between different civilisations and cultures through enriching initiatives that benefit the Emirate’s citizens, residents and visitors.

Registration in Takat Summer Training Programme can be made on the Dubai Culture website via:


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