Expo 2020 Dubai Branded Products Business Opportunity

  • Significant opportunities available for businesses to produce Expo-branded products for the mega-event’s 25 million visitors
  • Products to be inspired by Expo sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability
  • Expo aims for more than one third of the product licensees to be SMEs
  • Around 5,000 official licensed products will be commissioned for Expo 2020 Dubai
  • Merchandise during the mega-event will be sold at one of the world’s largest souvenir outlets – a 3,000 square-metre ‘Superstore of the Future’
  • Products to include branded souvenirs, watches, camel milk chocolates, and apparel

As the first mega-event of its kind in the region, Expo 2020 Dubai offers an unprecedented opportunity for designers, manufacturers and retailers to reach a global audience of 25 million people in one place. Beginning in 2017, tenders will be accepted for a range of retail products, including souvenirs and collectibles.

Expo 2020 Dubai will accept tenders for over 5,000 unique licensed products, which will be sold at a dedicated 3,000 square-metre ‘Superstore of the Future’, which will be flagship outlet of a wider onsite retail network. Additional Expo 2020 retail outlets will be opened across the UAE in the run up to mega-event, along with a dedicated online store.

Organizers will seek around 70 official licensees, one third of whom, it is hoped, will be SMEs. This commitment is in line with Expo’s pledge to allocate more than 20 per cent of the mega-event’s total direct and indirect spend for SMEs.

Expo 2020 Dubai will also seek partners for locally made products that capture the rich culture and heritage of the UAE. These will comprise everything from UAE-made textiles and ceramics, to food products and Arabian fragrances. Expo will also seek to collaborate with premium and luxury brands to produce exclusive collections.

Tenders will be accepted across four distinct product categories, which will include:

  • Souvenirs & collectibles, including apparel and accessories, footwear, ceramics, jewellery, commemorative books, coins and special edition stamps.
  • Traditional UAE products, which will include Arabian oud fragrances, handwoven carpets, handmade ceramics and silverware, along with camel milk chocolates, dates and spices.
  • Premium & luxury collections including commemorative timepieces, jewellery, leather goods, writing implements and high-end textiles.
  • Mascot products, which comprise digital games, emojis, plush toys, and collectible figurines.

The tendering process will be phased across 2017 and into 2018.

SMEs are actively encouraged to participate in the programme, and to tender for every product category that is relevant to their business. The Expo organizers will tailor flexible terms to ensure profitability and equal opportunity for companies of all scales. By becoming Expo licensees, SMEs have a unique opportunity to strengthen their product offering, develop their brand and expand their scope to reach new global audiences.

Companies of all sizes can register and complete the pre-qualification process on the dedicated Expo 2020 Dubai eSourcing Portal, which links all Expo-related procurement operations and enables the rapid deployment of tender opportunities to the local and global business community.

Registration on the Expo 2020 Dubai e-Sourcing portal is free of charge, and can be accessed at http://esource.expo2020dubai.ae.


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