Pikachu set to rule over toy stores


The Pokemon Go craze has waned, but retailers are still cashing on it big time. As a matter of fact, the Pokémon Small Plush Pikachu has become a Bestseller on Amazon’s toys list.

Now you can surprise little ones with a plush Pikachu buddy. With its dimensions of 4 x 3 x 8 inches, it is suitable for 3 years– and older kids. Even the little Pikachu has a potential to become an inseparable friend as you can attach it to your car window or above your child’s bed. 

It is truth that children have a lot of toys, but normally everyone has its most heart-touching one that it is usually plush and soft. These toys accompany children everywhere – in the cart, in the sandbox and on the dining table.

The Pikachu plush toy will not disappoint when it comes to funny moments. There will be a lot of running around to hide it and find it. And there is nothing that can make parents happier than their children´s laugh.

pikachu-with-a-red-ashs-hatYou may choose between the classical Pikachu and a Pikachu with a red ash’s hat. Both are made from high quality plush material, soft and nice. Both aim at the same – give children positive and unforgettable moments.

Most probably, you have already heard about the Pokemon Go mania which has obsessed the world. And you’ve maybe noted a crowd of people peering into the phone, making strange movements, talking about ´things´called Skuirtal and Ratata. Or at least you´ve seen the title of the game – Pokemon Go. A great part of its success is attributed to the mix of real and virtual world. It offers a real physical experience in real time and place, and a face to face socialize, as well.

Nevermind if you are not so obsessed with the mobile game, but if your dear little ones love Pikachu you can catch the moment and give the ideal Christmas gift – a plush Pokemon toy.

Who are the pokemons? They are little creatures with great and special power that stage flash attacks. The most famous pokémon is undoubtedly Pikachu. He is the main character in the animated TV series. Yellow as the Sun, smiling friendly, Pikachu could become your child’s best friend.

One of the most loved animated TV characters is here to stay as a small plush toy – Pikachu – the pokémon that touched every one with its friendliness and kind appearance.


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