University of Dubai Invites More Schools to Benefit from its Scholarships


University of Dubai (UD) has been successfully granting outstanding students and newcomers up to 50% scholarship on their tuition fees upon their enrollment to UD. Due to this success, the university is calling out for more institutions and schools to grab the opportunity of sponsoring distinguished students.

Dr. Eesa Basktaki, UD President, says that the university is proud to attract national and international students. “We seek to create a platform for the largest number of talented students and knowledge pioneers”, he states.

In an attempt to serve the purpose of drawing in top students, UD allocates a 10% discount on the tuition fees of UAE and GCC Nationals and Government Employees. Yet, if both conditions were met by the applicant, he or she gets a 20% discount. UD also grants a partial scholarship of 4 free courses for International Students who have completed their studies outside the borders of UAE. Outstanding International Students who have achieved 90% and above also get 50% scholarship off their tuition fees.

Besides, UD, in partnership with 9 schools around UAE, provides up to 50% discount for applicants graduating from these schools. Simply by applying to UD, students graduating from these 9 schools automatically get a 20% discount on their tuition fees.

Definitely, high-scores achievers also benefit from this sponsorship program. In fact, UD grants a 50% discount for students who have graduated from these 9 partner schools with a cumulative high school score of 90% and above and a 30% discount for a cumulative high school score of 85% and above.

“We are looking forward to receiving more agreements and partnerships that would enable students to learn, innovate, thrive, and acquire knowledge at the University of Dubai”, Dr. Bastaki adds.


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