World Art Dubai 2016 is preparing to present a plethora of multinational artists to showcase their individual work and to connect them with art lovers from all kinds of cultural and social backgrounds.

The four-day event, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 6-9 April, will bring in artists from all walks of life each with their own unique story and approach to contemporary art, as part of the show’s commitment to supporting young and emerging artists as well as those more established in the market.

The Middle East is among the most dynamic regions for the sale of contemporary art with the UAE ranking among the top 50 marketplaces and generating annual revenues exceeding AED13 million.

From Australia to Japan, Germany to France and India to Singapore, World Art Dubai lives up to its name by providing a combination of international artists, Emiratis and those from around the Middle East, the opportunity to present their work to Dubai’s cosmopolitan public. Art work available throughout the fair will range from US$100 to US$10,000.

Local artist, Suzi Fadel Nassif, participating in the show for the second consecutive year said: “World Art Dubai is an event that motivates, encourages and offers a big opportunity to regional and global artists to share their art, culture and experience with a big audience.

“The focus is not only on certain galleries but about discovering new and hidden talents as it allows individual artists to participate and showcase their masterpieces to collectors, curators, gallerists and more.”

Oman-based artist, Anna Dudchenko, who is presenting her new collection of pencil drawings based on famous literature characters, also believes that World Art Dubai is of particular significance to solo artists attempting to break into the scene.

“The art market in the Middle East is fairly new and World Art Dubai is an excellent addition to the art scene here. Other major art fairs have become very selective and are for galleries only so artists cannot participate directly.
“World Art Dubai is not about selling art for a hypothetical capital gain. It’s about motivating and encouraging emerging and established artists and giving them an opportunity to showcase their work to the public. ”

The second edition of the show returns this year with a strong message to banish the stigma of elitism from art and to introduce art as an affordable luxury to a wider audience rather than to limit it to a certain niche.

As a debuting participant at the fair, Italian artist Magdolna Nadj Torma will showcase paintings and drawings ranging from $800 to $4500. She sees World Art Dubai as an important step in developing the city’s fresh and flourishing art scene.
“I think it’s a great idea and I think that the general public would appreciate having access to buying more art. It was a pleasure to have participated in similar art fairs and I noticed that people welcome this kind of initiative with its support for young emerging artists. I think this event is a fantastic way for art not only to be in galleries and museums, but in more and more people’s homes.”


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