Rules for Business Success – #3 The big picture, the details and you flexibility


Waste should bother you, whether you are launching a business or sustaining one. Make your employees acutely aware, from day one, that you intend to monitor spending. Encourage careful living and frugality both at work and at home where they live. Waste often equals loss of profit.

When you are trying to build your company, be concerned with the face you are showing to your customers. Make the world beautiful. If you are running a decorating or design-based business, it is important that your space convey the taste and sensibilities that you bring to your work so that your offices, themselves, create a marketing vehicle. Once the initial idea, the business, is established, there is plenty of time to decorate the offices. It’s much easier to build a workplace that is conducive to doing great business than to build a great business. Concentrate on the business first.

Be willing to adjust your focus

It is necessary of develop a zoom in/zoom out focus ability, I am not talking about micromanaging every minute detail of the business yourself. Set an example. At that early stage of your company’s life, you need to pay attention to seemingly minor issues in order to broadcast the very important message that waste matters. This is how you will create a culture — a staff of similarly minded people—that can now do that sort of work for him.

Of course you simply cannot oversee every tiny aspect of the company’s operations. The employees and the executives should understand how to manage and how to get things done. If you are set to create a brand as well as a company, that brand should be found in all aspects of your business.

Successful entrepreneurs have a keen focus and must remain true to their overall vision. They have the ability to change their focus from the big picture to the broad view. Their days are spent examining, thinking, rethinking.


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