Play Your Part for a Better Internet: Facebook Safety Tips for Parents


Today, February 9th, over 100 countries are participating in Safer Internet Day. The Internet doesn’t just belong to those 100 countries, it belongs to you. And you play a role in keeping it safe too. Facebook’s Head of Global Safety, Antigone Davis has some a few Facebook tips for parents to help them take more control over their security and privacy, and keep their children safer online.

This year’s theme is “Play Your Part for a Better Internet”. Because whether your child is creating an online account for the very first time or you have a teen browsing the Internet with little supervision, every parent has a role in making the Internet a safer place for all. These best practices make that responsibility a bit more manageable, and can be presented as ‘resolutions’ every parent should make in 2016, or as simple tips and tricks for keeping your kids safer online.

Here are the top five Facebook Safety Tips by Antigone Davis:

Stick with what works. Typically, you can employ the same parenting style for your kid’s online activities as you do offline. If you find your child responds best to a negotiated agreement, create a contract that you can both sign. Or, maybe your child just needs to know the basic rules. In that case, you can establish them early when you first buy a mobile device for him or her.

The old adage your kids will “do as you do, not as you say,” is as true online as it is offline. Try to be a good role model. If you set time restrictions on when your child can use social media or be online (i.e., no texting after 10:00 pm), modeling that same behavior makes a big difference. If you want your child to be civil online, model civility and respect in your texts to him or her.


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