Take a glimpse of Dubai’s Museum of the Future during the next three days


The Museum of the Future was inaugurated at the Madinat Jumeirah yesterday as part of the World Government Summit 2016. The Museum focuses on shaping the future of robotics and artificial intelligence and their impact on human life. It also offers a unique interactive experience to visitors by attempting to explore the future of this sector.

The Museum has three underlying themes. Firstly, it addresses how robots and artificial intelligence improve human mental and physical capabilities. It also looks to answer tough questions such as: ‘Will you replace your cardiac muscle if it means you will be able to live longer?’ ‘Will you add robotic parts to your children to improve their school performance?’ The Museum offers a glimpse into NewKnees that give their users superhuman abilities to run and jump. It also features another smart technology to climb walls without falling – the GeckoTips technology containing nano-structural machines that are installed on fingertips and allow the human body to adhere to anything and climb walls.

EyeShare: Communicate via Social Media Platforms without Your Mobile Device Future social communication will offer innovative solutions that are beyond imagination. Social media platforms will not be the only means to share human experiences. Thanks to the EyeShare technology, users of social media platforms will be able to see what their friends and followers are watching through these sites at the same moment.

Secondly, the Museum focuses on the relation between humans and robots, looking for answers to questions like: ‘How does it feel to have robots care for the elderly, and will the relation between robots and humans develop to become similar to inter-human relations?’

Design Your Dreams, Analyze Moods of Others, and Separate Your Brain from Your Surroundings The Museum of the Future also features future technologies such as DreamStream, which allows individuals to design their dreams and share them with their friends and relatives.

In addition, the future promises a different kind of communication between human beings thanks to technologies like MoodView. This technology gives its users real-time analysis of people’s emotions and then provides instant feedback on what to say and how to act.

Another future technology achieves the dreams of millions by enabling them to be isolated from everything that bothers them and enjoy real moments of calmness. This can be done by temporarily switching off all incoming messages to the brain.

AutoLingua: Language is No Longer a Barrier Learning languages is not a difficult task any more thanks to the AutoLingua technology, which is a smart earpiece that enables users to learn languages quickly. It also provides instant translation of a language chosen by the user.

The third theme showcases how the development of artificial intelligence technologies will affect the management and decision-making processes. It seeks to answer questions about how confident we are when it comes to letting artificial intelligence systems manage our own money and select our own careers.

The Museum of the Future allows free entry to the public from 6 pm to 8 pm. This is the first time that it welcomes the general public, allowing students, researchers, and everyone who is interested to experience an interactive journey that foresees the future of robots and artificial intelligence and their impact on human life as well as on government and non-governmental sectors.

Those interested in visiting the Museum of the Future need to pre-register through its website http://www.museumofthefuture.ae


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