Abu Dhabi Resort 4th on Worst New Luxury Hotels of 2015 List


The list of the Best New Luxury Hotels of 2015 will be revealed in a few days, but Dubai Chronicle’s team received an insider information about the less attractive list of the Worst New Luxury Hotels in advance. A resort located in Abu Dhabi was ranked fourth amongst six luxury hotels that offer disappointing experience.

With highly experienced and discerning experts covering the globe, ‘LTI – Luxury Travel Intelligence’ is in the best position to deliver the inside track on this year’s luxury hotel openings. The members thoroughly research every property, on the company’s expenses in order to offer honest and unbiased opinions and to bring truth to luxury travel. This year, the team visited 62 new hotels, and discovered several stand-out properties. Six hotels disappointed the experts enough to make the Worst list, which is a great improvement on 2014 when the experts had no problem identifying ten candidates.

So, who got it right this year will be announced the coming Monday, but who got it so wrong is already know! You can make a booking here with no downpayment.

This is The Worst New Luxury Hotels List of 2015:

6. Lanesborough, London

6. Lanesborough, London
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More a re-opening than a new hotel, after a huge spend on a major 19-month refurbishment. But no amount of money can compensate for a poor location – in this case surrounded by multi lane traffic – making your daily coming and going a frustrating experience, particularly for one of London’s most expensive hotels. Strangely, despite the huge spend, rooms look pretty much the same (English country house) and the entry level rooms remain surprisingly small. We expected more.


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