2016 Hottest Food and Beverage Trends


The two most noteworthy trends in for 2016 have nothing to do with food

Big disrupters are a revolution in high-speed food delivery to homes and offices, and a conversation regarding tipping and pay disparities. Cleansing menus of additives won’t be enough. Why there’s a new obsession with fried chicken, plus at the end of the article you can find the strongest keywords when it comes to food and beverage for the year ahead.

Explore the most significant predictions about the hottest global food and beverage trends 2016 follow.

8. Retailers Renew Attack on Restaurants

8. Retailers Renew Attack on Restaurants
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Retailers are building revenue by luring shoppers into stores for snacks and meals. Retailers were discovering what we call the magic of "dwell time" ... the longer you keep a shopper"text-align: justify;">Ladies who lunch aren't enough ... so Saks Fifth Avenue in New York will replace its generic Cafe with a Parisian restaurant inhabited by boldface names and glitterati. The restaurant operator will have other venues in the store to prevent shoppers from leaving hungry ... or leaving at all.

Look for lots more of this activity ... in bowling alleys, clothing stores, movie theaters, convenience stores, supermarkets ... since restaurants provide unique social experiences that consumers can't enjoy by clicking "buy" on their smartphones.


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