Girls Should Always be Able to Achieve Their Dreams


Share with us what a #GirlCan achieve and allow others to take an inspiration from your success. Did you know that 94% of young girls today believe that they can achieve their dreams, while only 20% of grown up women succeeded in achieving it. But should it be this way?

An unusual experiment with girls and women of different age groups from Arab ethnicity was staged with the purpose to reveal what are the priorities of women in the modern society. Watch the video below and maybe you will see yourself and wonder when the things went wrong and is it too late to fix it.

Empowering women is a priority number one for the progressive minds around the world. Society activists, organisations and businesses are working hand in hand to propagandize ideas about gender equality. With their support, securing a minimum primary education for girls become the young Malala Yousafzai’s mission during the past few years, for example.

But let’s draw an inspiration from our peaceful daily routines. Women rule social media. They dominate Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and stand click-to-click with men on Twitter and Tumblr. This is truly the breakout year for driving awareness on women and girls’ issues through hashtag activism, for example. Some have a professional women’s focus, others focus on empowerment — #girlsrising, #womenshould — or girls in danger — #wearesilent.

Now, a brand new campaign by Always – #GirlCan – aims to break outdated stereotypes and encourage girls to believe that the opportunities in front of them are endless. And they are! With a clever management of daily tasks and responsibilities, girls will always be able to find the time to live their dreams and to fulfill their ambitions.
Share this video with hashtag #GirlCan, if you think like us!


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