New Thanksgiving Store Offers Food, Tips, Recipes & More


November is still a few days away, but largest online retailer has already opened its Thanksgiving Store which offers festive food, tableware, useful tips, traditional recipes, and many more for the holiday.

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Thanksgiving is a traditional American holiday associated with family gatherings, festive meals, and in recent years, with Black Friday, which is on the following day. And while some think of only shopping and having the holiday dinner at a restaurant, most people prefer celebrating Thanksgiving the traditional way. Planning and preparing a nice holiday dinner. However, isn’t very easy, especially if that’s your first time. But it’s not as difficult as you think either, as Amazon has decided to give us a hand. It’s Thanksgiving Store is more than just a platform that offers food and ingredients for your holiday meal.

It is also a great Thanksgiving planning guide, where customers can find books with tips, tableware including special turkey platters, bake- and cookware, groceries and even clothing. In the Hosting Thanksgiving, you will see instructional videos on how to set the table or how to prepare stuffing muffins in advance, which dinnerware designs to choose, and so on. There are also basics tips on the appetizers and drinks, as well as great suggestions the turkey, the side dishes and the desserts. The videos are very short (about a minute in length), but informative and providing easy solutions to common Thanksgiving problems.

The store also sells pretty aprons, so that you can cook in style, as well as themed costumes if you want to transform into a turkey, a pilgrim or a Native American. Or you can buy art and decorate your home for the holidays. There is also featured furniture, as well s gift cards to send your family and friends. Overall, the store doesn’t simply sells you this and that; it offers you great ideas, tips and some of the best and easiest Thanksgiving recipes.


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