iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3


The recently launched iPad Pro could be a direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. The power of Apple’s brand name and popularity of Microsoft will come into focus. Let’s see how the iPad Pro compares to the Surface Pro 3.

The Apple’s iPad Pro is five percent longer and ten percent wider than Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. However, the iPad Pro is much thinner by 24 percent. The iPad Pro is 11 percent lighter than the Surface Pro 3 and the LTE iPad comes out at 9 percent lighter.

iPad Pro uses its keyboard case for kickstand purposes, whereas the Surface Pro 3 has one built into its backside. The aluminum iPad Pro follows the same design theme that debuted in the original iPad mini, while the Surface Pro 3 has a magnesium casing.

The Surface Pro 3 has a massive screen for a tablet and the iPad Pro’s display is 20 percent bigger. Based on the pixel density, the iPad Pro’s screen is 22 percent sharper. It’s the same PPI seen in every 9.7-inch iPad with a Retina Display.

Both the Surface Pro 3 and iPad Pro have keyboard accessories and are sold separately from the tablets. The Surface Type Cover costs $130, while the Apple’s Smart Keyboard costs $169.

iPadPro PencilThe Surface has a “Pen” and the iPad Pro has a “Pencil.” When you are using the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro’s display increases its scan rate to 240 times per second. Microsoft includes the Surface Pen with the Surface Pro 3 (and, if you lose it, a replacement costs US$50). The Apple Pencil is a separate $99 purchase.

Apple has not announced the finer details of its A9X system-on-a-chip but if Apple’s performance comparisons of the A9X to last year’s A8 hold up (up to 1.8X times as fast processing, and up to twice the speed in graphics), then it should be quite the beast.


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