‘Lego Worlds’ to Challenge Minecraft


Microsoft Corporation’s Minecraft just recently took the number one spot for being the most watched video game in the ten years of YouTube’s existence. It beat a number of high profile games such as the Call of Duty series and the Fifa series. This immensely popular game, which prompted Microsoft to buy it for $2.5 billion, now faces a new challenge, this time from Lego.

Lego has unveiled a new brick-based building game, similar to Minecraft. The new game is called ‘Lego Worlds.’ The game, however, is part of “Steam Early Access” that is a beta network of sorts. The company will most probably try to get some initial feedback from the gaming community before its final launch.

Lego Worlds embodies the physical, Lego brick-building fun that consumers have enjoyed for decades, on a digital platform that delivers an entirely new type of experience with the beloved bricks. From the brick-by-brick editor, to discovering an expansive range of items, characters and creatures to populate your worlds – the creative possibilities are endless.

The Lego Worlds game can be easily manipulated just like virtual Lego bricks. Different characters, creatures and players interact with one another in unique ways in Lego Worlds. As the game develops, there will be additional multiplayer and sharing features as well as in-game rewards that can get you physical Lego sets, although not much information has been released about that yet.

The game will have one significant difference from Minecraft though. Rather than trying to survive raids from creatures, Lego Worlds will focus mainly on creativity. Currently, the game is available on Windows PC for $15, but the price is expected to go up, once the game’s final version comes out.

Whether the new LEGO game will replace Minecraft or not, it is hard to say. Minecraft has more than 100 million downloads on the PC, since 2009. So far, Lego Worlds on Steam Early Access has got about 532 positive reviews and 53 negative, which means that 91% of the people were happy with the new game. This seems to be a very positive start for Lego.


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