How Travel Affects Happiness


Adventure, pleasure, business… there are plenty of reasons why people travel. However, not many people realize that travelling offers a really important benefit – it can boost your happiness. Moreover, travelling the world can make you happier in more than one way. Although it often involves a considerable amount of money, long hours on a plane, bus and etc., its happiness-boosting power prevails in the end!

You make new friends – Even if you are not an outgoing person, travelling will help you make new friends. You will meet new people every day and you will learn to be more social, especially if you are travelling on your own or with a small group of friends.

Broaden your horizons – When on the road, you will experience various cultures and will get the chance to explore new places and lifestyles. That will certainly teach you to be more open and accepting when it comes to the people around you. What is more travelling has the amazing ability to make everyday problems even more trivial.

It is good for your health – Travelling makes people more physically active. Although you may spend long hours traveling from point A to point B with a train or a bus, you will also spend a lot of time exploring cities and local attractions by foot. In addition to that, a good trip can reduce your stress and take your mind off the everyday grind.

Every mile is a lesson – In the past, people who travelled more were considered to be wiser and more experienced than others. In a way, this applies even today. That is because travelling can teach you many things. From learning how to use a map and the key cities in the country you are visiting to historical facts and why not some basic language skills.

Discover things about yourself – Being on the road can bring a different type of person in you. You will learn more about your likes and dislikes. Also, you might find new hobbies and passions along the way. Travelling is all about self-discovery!

Be less materialistic – Routine living often makes people focus on the more materialistic side of life, like bills, salary, hunger for products and many others. But when they travel, they just block all that out and enjoy the experience, the new view or scenery. In other worlds, travelling will help you live in the now instead of the tomorrow.

Become more adaptable – Right now, from the comfort of your home, you might think that you can only sleep in a cozy king-sized bed or get information only by looking it up on the web. Well, sometimes these things can be a luxury during a trip. Still, that is not a bad thing, since it will teach you to be more adaptable. Of course, you might not love it at first, but by the end of your trip, you will happier than you have imagined.

Everything is possible – Every part of your journey is like achieving a goal. You follow a plan and a schedule, which can seem quite limiting at times. However, completing each leg of your trip successfully can be very rewarding for the mind. That, on the other hand, is a great happiness booster!

Therefore, travelling does not need to involve overpriced hotels, first-class plane tickets and a constant internet access to make you feel happy. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

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