8 Facts about Smiling That Will Make You Smile


What makes you smile? A comedy movie, a cheerful song or being surrounded by your friends? There are many things that can bring a smile on your face. Even reading about smiles and happiness can improve your mood in an instant!

Smiling Makes You Happy

Whenever you smile, you use a certain type of muscles that sends “happy signals” to your brain. In a more scientific terms, smiling has the power to release endorphins known as happy hormones. Your smile does not even have to be genuine. Researchers have discovered that even when your smile is forced it still has a similar effect.

Smile and You’ll Live Longer

Happiness and health are connected. This means that smiling not only makes you feel happier, but it also makes you healthier. Thus, people who wear their smiles more often than their frowns live longer. In fact, scientists have estimated that smiling can increase your life by seven years.

Smiles are Contagious

A wide smile can even help you spread happiness! Scientists from Sweden have found that people find it hard to keep a keep straight face when they are shown photos of smiley people.

Smiles are Categorized in 19 Different Types

Scholars from the University of California, San Francisco, have managed to indentify 19 types of smiles. They fall into two main categories. The first are sincere smiles and second – “social” or polite smiles. According to researchers, social smiles use fewer muscles compared to sincere ones.

Frowns Cause More Wrinkles Than Smiles

A few weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported that a woman did not smile for four decades in hope to save herself from wrinkles. If you are considering of adopting the same strategy, you should keep one thing in mind – fronting requires the use of 37 muscles, whereas smiling takes an average of 22. Therefore, if you want to preserve your youthful looks, you should better give up frowning and not your smile!

Smiles is the Best Makeup

If you want to look more attractive, smile is your best weapon. According to an experiment, nearly 70% of people believe a woman is more attractive when she is smiling compared to when she is wearing makeup.

Smiling Can Get You a Promotion

Apart from making us more attractive, smiling also makes us look more confident and sociable.  As a result, it increases our chances of getting a promotion at work. Well, a smile alone will not do the trick. You should still try to be at your best in order to make a good impression in the office.

Newborns Can Also Smile

Until recently, it was generally believed that babies learn to smile at the age of four to six weeks. However, researchers have found that newborns smile in their sleep. This means that we are born with the ability to smile.

Hopefully, after reading this post, your frown has turned upside-down!

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