It Takes 30 Second to Boost Your Happiness


Some people chase happiness their entire life. However, even 30 seconds are enough to make you feel better and happier. For example, did you know that every 30 seconds about 25 thoughts pass through your heads? Also, for 30 seconds you body produces 300 Joules of energy and 70 million blood cells. If all these amazing things can happen in just half a minute, why would happiness be an exception!

Hug Someone

According to a report published in Comprehensive Psychology journal, hugging is one of the most effective way to boost your happiness. That is because a hug can release oxytocin – a hormone known for its happiness-boosting qualities. However, researchers have found that a hug’s happiness qualities increase when you hug someone you love and truly care about. Also, they advice to stay locked in that hug for about 20-30 seconds.


couple-on-the-grass,-happiness,-smile-153561Smiling can release tension and stress in your face. When smiling, we relax hundreds of muscles. So, say cheese and keep that smile on your face for the next 30 seconds.


Just like smiling, taking deep breaths in can make you feel more relax and thus happier. In addition to that, breathing in and out for 30 second will help you clear both your mind and lungs.

Do Quick Dance-Off

Have you noticed that when you feel tired, you also feel down. That is because our happiness is connected to our physical energy levels. This means that if you manage to increase your energy, you will also boost your happiness. The best way to achieve that is by doing a little dance. Even 30 seconds are enough to uplift you!

It’s Affirmations Time

Think about something that you really like about yourself and your life. For instance, you have a successful career, a good friend that is always there, stable health or a sharp wit… choose anything that you take pride in. Now turn it into a short affirmation and repeat it to yourself for 30 seconds.

Now, that you have this knowledge, it is time for you to use it!


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