Are we ready for the next-gen gaming consoles?


Windows 10, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, and the Xbox console will be bound together by the end of 2015. It is expected that Microsoft Corp. will introduce universal Windows 10 applications for its gaming console later this year. In addition, the company will allow developers to use the Xbox One as a fully functional developers kit.

Windows 10 is set to arrive on Xbox One later this year. Rumours suggest that Microsoft has already planned and mapped out this transition. Some technology-focused media observers say that a new Xbox platform with Windows 10 apps will be launched this summer. This new application store will feature unified apps, also known as cross-platform or universal apps.

In addition, the technology company is rumoured to switch its Xbox One console to unified Windows 10 apps in the second half of the year. Until then, gamers will be able to use the currently available applications on their consoles.

Of course, it is too early to predict what types of apps this platform will offer to Xbox One consumers. However, insiders explain that many of the upcoming Windows 10 apps will run in the background. For instance, Xbox users will be able to listen to their favourite songs through a music app and play their Xbox One games simultaneously.

The Great Flood of Apps

It is very much likely Microsoft to enable developers to use consumer Xbox One console as developer kits. The material explains that Microsoft intends to release a preview of this developer kit functionality in May, not long after its Build conference this spring. Later, in the summer, the company is expected to publicly release the kit, allowing developers to start working on new Xbox One apps.

Since the program will not be limited to a small group of developers and it will actually be available for pretty much anyone. Analysts predict a flood of Xbox One applications. However, it is still not clear how and if Microsoft will add Kinect support for these universal apps.

Microsoft is said to share more information on its plans about the Xbox One apps at its Build developer conference, which is scheduled for April, 2015.


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