Top 5 Happiness Poisons and How to Avoid Them


According to science, there are a few common habits that can make us feel happy. Those include being kind, physically active, having a goal, as well as building a circle of close relationships. But did you know that there are habits that can spoil your happiness and make you feel miserable. What is more, these happiness poisons are things we all give into it!


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The habit of comparing has the power to belittle our achievements. Social media websites seem to be encouraging this happiness poison. If your friends constantly share photos of their lovely house, exotic vacations or lavish gatherings and celebrations, you cannot help but comparing your life with theirs.

How to handle it – If you want to make comparisons, do not compare yourself with other, but with your past achievements. That will help you improve your life instead of focusing on things that do not really matter.


Whining is one of the fastest ways to spoil not only your own mood, but also that of the people around you. When you complain you pay more attention to imperfections and negatives sides of a situation. That will make you feel pessimistic and drain other people’s energy.

How to handle it – Even if you have all the reasons in the world to whine about all day long, keep a positive mind frame. Just remember that complaining about something will not change it. Moreover, it will not even make you feel better, since you are letting off the steam, you are building up on it.


Sometimes you cannot help feeling overcome by worries. Students worry before an exam, job candidates worry before an important job interview, and etc. That is almost as natural as the rain that falls. That is why, for many people, it is hard to ignore and distract themselves from that sensation. As a result, they become unnecessarily stressed and that, on the other hand, increases their chances of a failure.

How to handle it – Again, your frame of mind is the main factor that will help you avoid this happiness spoiler.  Will you solve anything if you worry? Of course, not! Try to stay calm and that will help you to better evaluate a negative situation.


Not long ago, a group of scientist made an interesting conclusion – they key of happiness is low expectation. Researchers have found that when we get ahead of ourselves and start imagining how things might develop in the future, we can get extremely frustrated if they do turn into a reality.

How to handle it – Lower your expectations down a notch and give chance to small unexpected to surprises to brighten up your day.


Probably, the biggest anti-happiness habits is self-doubt. In fact, most of the mood spoilers mentioned in this material, like worrying and comparing, are usually triggered by self-doubt. It is believed that doubting in other people does not have any direct affect on your happiness levels. However, when we have doubts related to ourselves, this is pure self-destruction. You will hardly accomplish anything.

How to handle it – It’s very simple – have more faith in yourself. Focus on all of your good sides and worry less about your weaknesses. However, to eliminate your doubts and fears face them! If you doubt in your job skills, for instance, work to improve them. That will give you more confidence.


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