How Technology Changed Job Market in Only 15 Years


Some of the best-paid and most attractive professions today are technology-related, such as web or app developers, information security analysts, quality assurance experts, and so on. Some of them are very common, so it’s almost impossible to think that they were created in the past 15 years. Technology has changed the job market so dramatically that we can hardly imagine how it will look like in the next decade.

Technological innovation has always influenced our lives and society, but the scale of its impact was never greater than it is today, with one notable exception – the introduction of the assembly line by Henri Ford in 1913. People have always envisioned technology as something that will contribute to the economic, social, and emotional growth. However, the reality is very different – in the attempt to be more efficient and profitable, businesses replace the employee with its automated version. Machines and technologies do the job faster and with minimum errors, while the more staff you have, the more the human factor weighs in – which can mean better quality, but also unpredictability.

Whether we like it or not, technology is rapidly changing our society and employment. According to a new report from the Pew Research Centre, some of the most attractive and common jobs didn’t even exist before the year 2000. While technology can create various jobs, other professions simply fade away. The researchers looked at data from the Occupational Employment Statistics program in the U.S. which lists and reviews around 800 occupations in different industries. When they compared statistics from 2013 with the 1999 list, they found certain professions have declined, while others have emerged in the job market.


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