Best Companies to Work for in 2015


If you are planning a fresh career start in 2015, glance at the annual Best Places to Work list released by Glassdoor. The ranking is based on employees’ opinions about top companies.

The new list of Best Companies to work for is very interesting due to the fact that it is different from the one published last year.

As a start, only three companies that were listed among the top 10 Best Places to Work in 2014 found a spot among the first 10 for 2015. Google managed to climb from the 8th to the 1st position. The technology giant is officially the Best Company to Work in 2015. Bain & Company, which was last year’s leader has dropped to the second place with an employee rating o f 4.4. Nestle Purina made an impressive jump and climbed seven spots to land on the 3rd position.

However, nearly half of the remaining top 10 companies are new entries in the list. F5 Networks (4), The Boston Consulting Group (5), In-N-Out Burger (8) and McKinsey and Company (9) were not included in the previous ranking. Despite that, they debuted among the leading 10 for 2015.

Chevron (6), HEB (7) and Mayo Clinic (31) may not be new entries on the list, but they made their way to the top 10 for the first time. Mayo Clink witnessed the biggest jump after climbing from the 31st to the 10th spot.

Interestingly, Twitter, which was last year’s most highly-rated technology company, is nowhere to be seen. The mini-blogging platform did not made the cut after its employee rating dropped from 4.6 to 3.6. Similar is the case with computer software and hardware company Guidewire, which was 6th on the previous ranking.

Top 10 best international companies to work for in 2015: Google, Bain & Company, Nestle Purina, F5 Networks, The Boston Consulting Group, Chevron, HEB, In-N-Out Burger, McKinsey & Company, Mayo Clinic

According to Glassdoor’s CEO and co-founder, Robert Hohman, most of the companies that managed to find place on the newest ranking share a few similarities. He says that they appeal to employees because they have found an effective way to reward talent. In addition, they tend to be very open about the goal and the vision of the company. On the contrary, companies thatwere poorly rated by employees did not make workers feel valuable and they did not have a united mission.


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