TV Gift Guide


If you’re looking for a gift idea with wow-factor, Samsung offers a stunning range of TVs that transformed the home viewing experience this year. Whether you are gifting for a movie buff, a sports fan or simply for those who love the finer things in life, they won’t believe their eyes on Christmas day. The easy TV Gift Guide below will help you make the right choice.

For Sport and Movie Lovers

The nearest thing to having a cinema in your very own home, the Samsung Curved UHD TV creates a panoramic field-of-view that draws in viewers like no TV before it. The curved form factor of this ultra-high-definition TV is designed to enhance the look of every game, movie and show by enveloping viewers in the TV’s spectacular color and beauty. The curve is also perfectly calculated to provide the most comfortable and immersive viewing experience, giving everyone the best seat in the house. A selection of TVs is available here with impressive holiday offers.

HU9000 78_INTERIOR 01 (1)

Sports fans have even more to cheer about with ‘Football Mode’, a feature that transports you to the stadium itself. ‘Football Mode’ brings out the green grass of the pitch and all the other colors of the arena, while enhancing all the excitement of the crowd with its powerful multi-surround sound effect.

For the Refined Type

The Samsung UHD 4K TV (F9000), which is right now nearly 40% discounted here, is the ideal TV set for those who have a taste for sophistication. This TV viewer expects perfection in everything, and with over eight million pixels and a resolution four times higher than Full HD, the UHD F9000 sets the bar. The F900 defines the most intricate visual details, rendering all images breathtakingly lifelike and vivdly clear.


The display panel of this elegant TV set produces crisp detail, optimal color and balanced contrast thanks to its Quadmatic Picture Engine, powerful picture processing technology. No matter the source of the content – SD, HD or Full HD – the Quadmatic Picture Engine adapts the source image, eliminates visual noise, improves the detail and sharpness of the image, and scales up the picture to be displayed in stunning 4K.

Designed to be a showpiece in the living room, the UHD F9000 incorporates a minimalist design with a narrow bezel, metal stand and metallic finish that would not look out of place in a luxurious penthouse apartment.

Combining viewing experiences that are out of this world and stylish design, there is no doubt that any TV is Samsung’s 2014 UHD range is an unbeatable choice and would make the Christmas of a lifetime for someone special this festive season.


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