Samsung Black Friday Deals: Up to 45% Off Select TVs



HDTV Black Friday deals are already out! While the majority of them focus on high-end massive-screened TVs, Samsung’s latest holiday sale on Amazon features HDTVs of various sizes, prices and even shapes!

For a limited amount of time, consumers can save up to 45% on select Samsung TVs. The qualifying products amount to over 30 and they price range (with the discounts) vary from under $130 up to nearly $9,000.

Almost every of the Samsung HDTVs included in the promotion support 3D offers one brand new and hugely immersive way to enjoy movies in straight in your living room. These models come with two pairs of 3D glasses, saving consumers the extra spending.

The offer features 4K Ultra HDTVs, like Samsung UN65HU8550 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Black Friday Special). They are one of hottest TV trend this holiday season, especially in combination with a 60” or 65” TV.

Nevertheless, other holiday shoppers may prefer smaller HDTVs, since they price is often more affordable. Samsung UN24H4000 24-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV may not have a Smart functionality, but it has wide colour enhancer and good motion clarity that result it a stunning picture quality. The original price of this TV is $179.99, but now it can be ordered for $127.99.

A special spot in this offer take Samsung’s Curved HDTVs. Due to their characteristic curved screen they impress with a greater sense of depth, as well as clearer and crisper images. These models also support Dual Screen function, through which consumers can transform their TV into two separate screen. That will allow them to keep an eye on whatever they are watching at the moment and access video clips, the Web or live TV at the same time.

Keep in mind that the HDTVs included in the offer are quickly running out of stock! So, make sure you are among the first to grab these hotcakes.


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