Top Rated Healthcare Wearables of 2014



During the last MEMS Executive Congress dedicated to micro electromechanical systems, it was predicted that 2015 will be the year of healthcare wearables. Experts expect that this category of wearable devices will soon become even more popular than fitness bands. But why wait until 2015, when you can equip yourself with such a gadget today! Here are the highest-rates healthcare wearable of 2014 and they are already available for purchase!

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android

This is a brand new generation of blood pressure monitors. It combines the power of smart mobile devices, mobile apps and innovative technology. This product includes a smart cuff that can connect to both Apple and Android devices. It can accurately measure your blood pressure. In addition, it will track your health stats and record them on with the help of the Health Mate application. Users are able to access their date anytime they want and to even share them with their doctor with a few quick taps.

HeartMath Inner Balance-Lightning Sensor for Iphone5 and Ipad Air

This is an interesting device through which helps consumers improve their vitality, general well-being and even the clarity of their thoughts. To do that, it measures users’ brain activity, heart and breath rates. Through these stats it can measure various things like your stress levels, and even emotional states. The device is compatible with iPhone and iPad gadgets and it is very compact and portable.

Pear Sports Biofeedback Training System

While fitness wearables, like smart bands and smartwatches focus mainly on actively training individuals, this product is for people who are making their first steps in workouts or those who simply want to stay in shape without turning into Hercules. This smart device will offer you basic workout programs. Also, owners can attach their iPods to it and enjoy their favourite tracks while they work out.

Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach

While there are many sleep monitoring apps, this device is far more effective since it offers insomniacs an expert-based program. According to statistics, it manages to significantly improve the sleep of around of 70% of users in a matter of a month. Unlike sleep apps, this gadget will categorize your sleep patterns and body clock, detect your trouble spots, offer you personalized recommendations, advanced visualizations and much more.

Enjoy a healthier new 2015 year with a new wearable gadget!


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